Meet your wild guides and gain...

Insight, clarity, healing, life guidance

as well as expose your most inner thoughts and feelings

to help you better understand yourself and your specific life situation.

Wild Connections Mentorship

over a 2 month span


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Together, you and I will work with your wild guides and spirit team to create a custom and authentic experience that aligns with your goals.

Recommended for those who:

  • Wish to build an authentic relationship with your wild guides and learn how to work with them directly

  • Want to learn how to communicate with nature, animals and spirit

  • Are being called back to the wild forces of nature and want to reconnect to the earth

  • Want to foster a relationship and enrich your connection with nature, animals and spirit through nature immersion activities

  • Are ready to have their innermost feelings exposed for deep reflection and healing

  • Are ready for a deep dive and to do the work

What is included:

  • 1 Channeled message from your wild guides to set the stage for your journey

  • Activities and challenges for your expansion between calls

    • Can be based on animal, nature and/or spirit connection

    • Connecting and building a relationship with your wild guides

    • Working with the spirits of the land and developing a partnership with them to enhance your gardens and heal your land

  • 4 Private phone or Zoom sessions that align with your goals and vision (1 hour each, twice per month)

    • Can include nature, animal and spirit communication training

    • Safe space to share experiences and stories

    • Nature immersion expansion

  • Email support between calls

My role is to:


  • Act as your mentor

  • Guide you through activities

  • Support you as you progress

  • Hold you accountable

  • Work with you and your wild guides to design a program best suited for you to help you achieve your goals and flourish

The natural world and wild animals are our greatest teachers and they want to help us wake up to the power we hold within. All animals and elements hold potent teachings, wisdom, and can invoke inside of us profound healing but only if we are ready. This program is designed for those ready to do the work.






Wild Connections


  • Receive a detailed channeled message from one of your main wild guides as well as mini messages from the others that present themselves. In their messages, you will...

  • Receive their exclusive and personalized guidance and medicine

  • Learn how they work with you specifically and how they present themselves to you physically, energetically and emotionally

  • Understand what gifts they offer you and only you


  • Recognize how you can bring their medicine and energy into your everyday life


  • Embody their power through understanding their ecological function and natural characteristics


Wild Connections

is for you IF you are ready to...


  • Open yourself up to a deeper level of understanding of who you are

  • Expose and navigate your fears

  • Embody the knowledge and power of the wild

  • Enter the pathway to your own personal power

  • Bring clarity and joy into your life

  • Activate a deep intrinsic wisdom within you that has been laying dormant

  • Follow your inner truth

  • Heal yourself and the natural world we live on

Scroll through and click the image that pulls you in
to receive general guidance and medicine.


What People are Chirping About

"What an amazing session. I am blown away by the messages my animal guides have given, each one revealing sides of me that ring true. As I read through each one, I feel a warmth in my soul, as if reconnecting with old friends that I’ve lost touch with. I am in awe as I read and re-read the messages,  amazing!"

Michelle Porlier

"WOW!! That was deep and brought tears to my eyes. I never would have guessed a Falcon was my guide!  I'm excited to connect to my Falcon, I was able to tell by his message that he is strong."

Laurie Prinzivalli

"My mind is blown!

I knew I had a special connection to the elephant but I had no idea how deep it went. I cannot wait to explore the unique medicine she offers me and how we can grow our relationship from here on out."

Ashley Barton