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Wild Connections

Wild connections is a monthly channeling from wild animals and the nature kingdom. These channelings will inspire,

provide guidance, and foster a deeper connection with all life.

Through these messages we can unlock deep wisdom quietly lying dormant within us.

Through symbolism, metaphor and reflection on biological features, we can embrace the teachings of our

non-human friends.

Nature beings can provide inspiration, offer potent symbols for various times in our lives, enhance our strengths, and help us understand our weaknesses. They can guide decision making by helping us uncover the meaning of experiences.

Ultimately, the wild can help you expand and align with the highest version of yourself. I invite you to lean into the wild and experience the natural kingdom in a new and meaningful way.

How To Pick Which Message Is For You


I suggest looking at all of the pictures and select the one you are intuitively drawn to. There will be an important message there waiting for you.

What is an animal spirit guide? Head here for a description.

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