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Messages & Medicine from Earthworm

We made a sacred contract upon ascending the Earth that we, as a soul group, would bring our expertise in energy production. Our only concern is the welfare of others and the world around us. Having no bones, ears, eyes or skin, we operate using earthly vibrations.

We remind you to stop and feel your connection with Earth to better open your mind and heart. Tune into energy, rather than just your senses. Pay attention to the little things, enrichment of your surroundings is the key to success.

We provide the soil and earth with air and oxygen, break down organic matter so that others' can use it. We never eat living plant tissue or harm living plants in any way. Life without the Earthworm would not be possible as we play a huge role in decomposition, and transforming organic matter into fertile soil.


Medicine Earthworms Offers

When you need fertile lands, the lands in which you walk upon and within your body, can be healed energetically by calling on us to help. When you need abundance and fertility call upon us, as we can assist. Us worms might be silly and strange, but we mean business and provide sustenance in every action that we take. When we are consumed we provide sustenance to our counterparts that eat us and our excretions nourish the soils and the lands. We are your workers and here to be of service. We are team players and hold no grudges. So when you need a gentle helper, call upon as and we will be here.


Fun Earthworm Facts

For more fun facts, head over here!

Thank you for reading and and being here!

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After a rain when the worms are out on the pavement, I attempt to get them off the road in the direction they came from to help them get back to their burrows once it has dried out enough! They do so much for us and all living things that we wouldn't be able to survive long without them too!

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