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Working with Wildlife

All wildlife consultations are free

Image by Logan Moreno Gutierrez

Conflict Resolution

Are you having a conflict with your wild neighbors? Through animal communication, negotiations and working together, we can reduce conflict,

restore balance, and coexist. 

Please reach out if you'd like to work together to resolve any conflicts you have with a wild animal,

big or small.


"Kara - you are a miracle-worker! 

I have neither heard nor seen a single rat……all night

and all day…."

A.S. - UK


Rehabilitation, Rescues & Sanctuaries

Do you work with wildlife?

If you'd like to connect with the wildlife under your care, learn how to communicate with with animals or have any questions, please reach out. All services and workshops are free for those working in this capacity.

A few pictures from my
wildlife rehabilitation days

"Regardless of whether or not they have roots or fins or legs or wings,

they are all my relatives."

~Winona LaDuke

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