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Image by Priscilla Du Preez
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Welcome to a space where Earth, animals, nature & Spirit
are all intertwined,
alive and communicating


Welcome friend!

I'm Kara and I connect with the consciousness of Earth, animals and Spirit and it is my goal to help you do it too, in the most down to earth way.

I will help you deepen your physical and spiritual relationship with animals, nature, the unseen realms, and so much more. 

I approach life through a holistic lens, blending ancient practices with modern sciences, merging the physical with the mystical. This combination creates balanced and harmonious healing and deep connection with all living things. 

No matter where you are starting, if you are new to dipping your toes into the waters, or an experienced outdoors/intuitive person, there is a space for you in this community!

I believe that we are stronger together through community connections and offer a space to share and learn from each other.

To learn more about my journey, wander this way ->

Join A Monthly Group of Nature Lovers
As We Send Healing Across the World!

Services & Workshops

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Fall Workshops

  • Animal Communication

  • Tree & Nature Communication - Learn the language of nature

  • Wild Connections - Create a relationship with wildlife through reflection, symbolism and more

Land & Home Healing

Kickstart the healing process of your land, amplify your space and uncover the spiritual life of your property.

  • Clear stagnant or toxic energies 

  • Attune your space with your intentions

  • Foster a deeper connection to the earth

Best Friends

Animal Communication

Connect with your animal in physical or in Spirit to gain a deeper understanding of your relationship and know what they're thinking.

Energy Healing for Animals

Enhance overall well-being for your animal companion through gentle and natural distance healing.

Image by Jonas Vincent
Image by Vincent van Zalinge

Wildlife Conflict Resolution

Are you having a conflict with your wild neighbors? Through animal communication, we can reduce conflict, restore balance, and coexist. 


All wildlife services are by donation

What People Are Chirping About


It is my hope, that one day, we can all coexist in a world where Earth, animals, nature and Spirit are all part of the conversation.

From the elements to

the animals,

from the plants and trees

to stones and minerals,

the natural world

is one of our most powerful

sources of spirit,

wonder and wisdom. 

Ted Andrews

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