About Deep Root Connections

I designed Deep Root Connections

with a vision to serve as a channel and voice

for animals, nature and spirit,

empower you to connect

on a deeper level with your companions,

and inspire you to live grounded and in-tune

to the rhythms of the natural world around you.

About Kara

As a young, quirky, red-haired girl

I spent my time exploring

the suburban neighborhood around my house

I would taste various plants

pretending to be a biologist

while observing the insects wandering around.

You could find me wandering


about the house

acting like a strong, powerful cougar

protecting my realm

or outside dancing with the wind

as if we were one.

A nod to my parent's patience...

part of my adventures

were my knack for finding stray animals

and helping them return home.

Animals and I have always walked this path of life together.

I spend my spare time

mucking stalls,

acting as a mamma hen to the chickies,

playing with the goats

or wandering the mountains

enjoying the trees

I deeply believe

we can and should

all co-exists

with our natural world

I love plants, insects and dirt

I garden for the benefit of

wildlife with native plants

and can usually be found

tootling the gardens

during the growing season

You can also find me

hunkered down with a good book

during the winter months

Some of my favorites include

Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Harry Potter

and anything with a magical touch

For the longer, more personal version head over here

Animal Communication and Energy Healing Credentials

My Crew in Spirit and in Form

Tree Stump

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