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Welcome friend!


I'm Kara, I connect with the consciousness of Earth and Spirit and it's my goal to help you do it too, in the most down to earth way.

Here's the Quick and Dirty 'About Me'

It’s always been about nature for me. From the moment I was born, I was deeply rooted into the earth with an innate love for animals and nature. I was a natural born wild child, running free with dirty feet and wild hair. My entire life has been spent exploring the wonders of the natural world and leaning on that relationship to keep me grounded in a world that can be hard to navigate. I've always seeked wisdom from the trees and considered the wild animals my best friends.

Living in Western society, I thought the only way to follow my passion was through the study of wildlife biology and conservation. However, I could never find satisfaction in the sciences. My love for nature and the whimsical way I embrace life, was stronger than my love for biology and I chose to embark on a different kind of journey, one still unfolding, but full of magic and wonder. 

​I approach life through a holistic lens, blending ancient practices with modern sciences, merging the physical with the mystical. This combination creates balanced, harmonious healing and deep connection with all living things. 

On a Personal Note...

I have a little hobby farm full of rescues including goats, horses, rabbits, hens, kitties, and dogs. I spend my summer days in the gardens, going on adventures with my son, and enjoying the sunshine. During the long winter months, I live on herbal tea and soup and take the long dark days as an opportunity to learn more to share with my community. 


Interested about my animal communication journey? Wander this way->


My Philosophy

I believe that each one of us holds the innate ability to communicate, co-create, and heal with all life, seen and unseen.

The nature spirits, the guardians of the land (genius loci) and physical beings want to reignite our relationship with them and work together. If we open our hearts, and truly believe in a better world, uniting together, the physical with the mystical, all working towards the same goal, a better world for all, is possible. By combining forces, we can accomplish anything! It is my goal to help you commune with the unseen realms, co-create and heal with your animals, lands and home.

I'm passionate about helping people find their way back to the earth and support nature lovers that want to go deeper. I help people reconnect to the dirt beneath their feet, the microbes in the soils, the wind upon their face and help them come back into their body. 


By being fully rooted into the earth and your body, you can learn how to communicate with animals, nature spirits and your personal spirit guides for a deeper connection to self and place. You cannot traverse the planes of complete existence unless you are fully rooted into the earth. It always comes back into the earthly flow of mother Gaia, always



No matter where you are coming from, whether you are new to dipping your toes into the waters, or an experienced outdoors/intuitive person, there is a space for you in this community!

I believe that we are stronger together through community connections and offer a space to share and learn from each other.

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Areas of Study & Training


  • BA: Wildlife Biology

  • Graduate Work: Natural Resources Conflict Resolution

  • Outdoor Education Facilitator for Youth

  • Wildlife Habitat Gardener

  • Master Gardener

  • Landscaping & Nursery Work (7 years)



  • Animal Communication 1, 2, & Professional Courses

  • Usui Reiki Master

  • Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy Energy Healing

  • Divining Earth Feminine Course 

  • Sacred Nature Connection Practitioners Intensive

  • Psychic Development + Teacher's Assistant with Ellen Mahloy

  • Defense Against the Dark Arts

  • Earth Tenders Academy: Working with the Spirits of the Land

Deep Root Connections is rooted with an Earth and nature-based philosophy

where Earth, animals, nature and spirit are all intertwined, alive and communicating.



Instill a deep connection of place through body, mind, soul and spirit. To empower you to connect on a deeper level with yourself, your companions, the Earth and her natural wonders, and inspire you to live grounded and in-tune to the rhythms of the magical word around you.  By connecting you back to the earthly plane and bringing the ancient ways of communion forward into progressive times, together, we will mix the beyond with the below in a very grounded and earthly manner which will ultimately, help you align to your true passion, your purpose and your souls' calling.


How Might I Do This?

By giving you the foundational skills to reconnect and remember the ancient ways of communion with the Earth and her beings that have long been forgotten, while simultaneously creating a community that we can all

lean on and share with.


The Long and Winding Version 'About Me'


Pivotal Moment

that Changed my Life

I always thought I'd be a wildlife biologist, fighting for the little guys, but that just wasn't meant to be. After ten years pursuing that path, I gave up that notion and surrendered to something new. I learned how to communicate with animals, opened up shop as an animal communicator and thought I was set! Here's the back story of my animal communication if you're curious.


But it didn't take long for me to realize there was more beneath the surface wanting to expand.


Between client calls, I began talking to the bees in my garden and the nesting birds in the trees to see if they needed anything I hadn't offered in the micro habitat I was creating. That was the beginning of a unique, co-creating experiment.


Together, the wildlife and myself, we began creating a powerful wildlife habitat through direct collaboration. It was AMAZING to gain their perspective and help with their unique needs.

The more I worked in my garden, with the wildlife, the less I wanted to be in my office. I felt stuck and a bit frustrated. I found myself staring out my window wanting to go into the mountains and be with the trees or find more wildlife to commune with. I couldn't stop thinking about being outside tinkering in the garden communing with the animals.

That's when the trees began calling to me

At this point, I could feel the trees calling me, urging me to take a break and find my way into the forest, but I didn't have time. Luckily, they were relentless.

If you've ever heard the quote by John Muir, "the mountains are calling and I must go," then you’ll know what I mean... It's a call that cannot be ignored. Your soul aches with something unexplainable, there's a magnetic pull within your heart and until that desire is satisfied, the ache remains. I didn't know why, but I knew I needed some mountain and more
specifically, tree time.

I cleared my schedule, went out to the forest to heed the calling and it wasn't long before I felt an urge to sit by a tree that called me in like a beacon.


That’s when it happened! The tree began communicating with me!


A gentle, masculine voice seeped into my head with the most loving energy. I was enveloped by his essence and energy as if he were giving me hug. I felt like I had just met a friend from long ago, one that I couldn't remember, but knew on a soul level.

My perception of the world shattered, quite literally like a glass wall.
Tree Talk_edited.jpg

The glass wall I had been looking through my entire life, shielded what was right in front of me, and this tree communicating with me, obliterated it. My reality changed in an instant and I couldn’t have been more excited. I've spent my entire life bebopping around the forest, but this was a first.

I could talk to trees! WHAT?!

My first thought was,

"Why isn't anyone talking about this?!

I began interviewing trees alongside wildlife, and soon fairies and gnomes made themselves known. I began re-learning how to work with wild animal guides and their unique medicine and so much more.


Realizing I am a bridge between the unseen realms and the physical, my heart soared with excitement! I knew this as a child, in the depths of my soul, I just, somehow, forgot along the way. 

The fire in my soul was ignited

and ready to get to work.


The beings I was communing with began teaching me how to heal the land energetically, the ins and outs of earth energies, and how to combine physical healing with energetic healing. I learned, that much like the human body, the earth has a physical layer and many energetic layers all needing to be healed. You can't just heal the physical body, without healing the energetic also.


I began energetically reading and clearing garden spaces, land, and homes for others, designing meditation gardens and collaborating with the nature spirits to really get a feel for things.


Since then, I have decided to share the messages of the wild and unseen realms with the world and teach you how to communicate and heal too! The ultimate goal is to co-create, co-exist and heal by mixing the physical with the mystical and live a magical life.


If there is someone out there like me, who would flourish on this path, I want to make sure they know that this is a possibility.


Deep Root Connections has ever since been dedicated to helping people connect to nature in this fashion by combining the practical with the magical to heal the earth and ourselves, because in the end, it always comes back to nature.


The magic is just beyond the clear, glass wall.

Deep Root Connections Logo light green transparent.png

This is the magical and healing life

we were always meant to live 

and this is how 

Earth Consciousness Healing

was born!

Curious about the logo?
Read about it here


Earth Consciousness Healing


Earth Consciousness Healing is a unique blend of magical and practical methods used to heal and rejuvenate the lands, hearts and homes for all of those who live on this planet.

By utilizing ancient practices with modern sciences we can create a working partnership with all living beings. Together, living in harmony, healing the land and creating a better world

for all.

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