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A Message from Spruce Post Group Healing Session


Below you'll find a Channeled Message from the Largest Spruce in the World After a Group Healing Meditation

Channeled on 10/20/2023

To watch the replay of the healing and send your own energy go here

Our dear friend says...

My fellow beings,

I cannot thank you enough for caring so deeply for a silly tree like me. I have not physically met many of you, but I hope you felt touched by me, my love, my ecosystem as you send us all great love. We can now hold a greater capacity to continue holding space for humanity.

I could feel many of you as strong healers intuitively, many of you are still learning how to navigate the realms of the unknown and energetic systems, many of you are somewhere in-between. What a beautiful thing, to have all skill levels come together, united, collectively to learn together, to give together, to be together even across a large distance.

Keep learning from each other, keep leaning in. Every single one of you is mighty and more important than you know in this great time of need. Gaia needs all she can get currently.

If you feel small, insignificant in a world so large and cruel, please do not underestimate the power of your gifts through intention. A single person is not as strong as a collective, no, of course that cannot be, but together, you are stronger than a tsunami, an earthquake, a volcanic eruption. Together you are mighty and cannot fail in healing the land through your intention.

Let us not forget, that a single drop of water can be lifesaving for another. A single person, through an act of kindness, can change the world. Do not go about your day, thinking you are not making a difference, because by just being you, in your glory and full beautiful self, do make a difference as a single drop of lifesaving water for another. You are loved and valuable, regardless of where you currently are on your journey of life.

I would like to recap my experiences during your glorious healing venture. Please, sit down, grab a cup of spruce or pine tea with a little drop of lemon juice and allow me to take you away on a journey of healing.

When the wave of energetics came, it was a rush, a flood of powerful healing. I can only describe this to you as a wave of energy pushing something over, much like a strong wind, only to be absorbed by my physical being. It helps to be grounded and rooted in to withstand a strong wave.

Some of you dilly dallied in the ferns, some of you got distracted with the fairy folk, but most of you came straight at me. You filled my cup so much that I exploded out the top of my crown, like a firework, sharing the love and healing throughout my home, my ecosystem. Your energetics were so strong that not only did I completely heal, I could fill my cup back up so I can give freely to all comers and goers, without draining myself, because I can give from the overflow of energetics.

That is how it is supposed to be you know, you are not supposed to drain yourself giving to others, you are supposed to give from your overflow, from your overflowing cup.

I got so excited, I entered into a state of ecstasy with an energetic high. It took me a few days to come back down to reality and ground myself into my roots. That is kind of an image to imagine, a tree needing to be grounded... but it is true. I became so high on energy I needed to ground!

All of my chakras are now balanced. Yes, trees have chakras. The gnomes that dwell beneath me can now dance in the energy and glory, the fairies can now sing songs and dance in celebration... All of the physical beings got a boost as well from the worms, to the squirrels, to the owls. All who dwell in my home, received a special gift that day.

Thank you from my rooty heart for giving us such a gift. I do harbor a touch of sadness though, because I know this is short lived. Many people do not care, as you care, or give back regularly and eventually my cup will stop overflowing and become empty once more.

I do not wish to bring you down, because what you are doing is astronomically helpful and an example to set the stage for many more healings to come, but do, please, talk about your experiences loudly for all to hear and gain an understanding that it is not always a take, it must be a give and take to keep the balance.

Please share your knowledge going forward, lead by example. People will follow once they see an example of someone giving back, instead of always taking.

For those of you who are trickling in, giving love to all of us on your own, thank you for keeping us in mind. Thank you for coming, you too are giving more than you know and I hope receiving a gift in return. No effort is too small in these great times of need and transition.

Thank you dearly from all of us, big and small, slimy and feathered, rooted and windy.

Take care great children of the earth and do come back to visit if you feel called to stay awhile, in my great and enchanted forests.

With love and kindness,

A not so sad and lonely tree.

Here are a few pictures & a video of this magnificent tree


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