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Image by Tim Johnson

Guardians of the Land

Learn about the guardians of the land within the seen and unseen realms and begin building your relationship with those you share your space with

Image by Tj Holowaychuk


Saturday, July 27th 2024

10 am MT | 12 am ET

3 Hours


Live via Zoom

A recording will be sent out afterwards


This workshop is designed to help you connect with the beings of the land and begin co-creating together!

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This Workshop Is For You If You Wish To...

  • Learn how to connect with the guardians of the land 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the messages coming to you, how to recognize them and what they mean

  • Deepen your relationship to the land in which you live upon

  • Live a more magical life, in-tuned to the rhythms of the earth

What We Will Explore Together

  • Ethics and boundaries when developing a relationship with nature and nature spirits

  • How to interact intentionally with integrity

  • How nature communicates physically and energetically

  • Group exercises and meditations to get you started building your connection with the guardians of the land

  • Basic energy healing techniques through relationship building and offerings

  • Co-creating and physical use of their body

  • Group collaboration with Q & A


Hi friend, I'm Kara!

I connect with the consciousness of Earth, animals and Spirit and it is my goal to help YOU do it too, in the most down to earth way.

Communicating with trees and nature literally changed my life and perception of reality. The trees shattered the invisible glass, preventing me from seeing beyond what is perceived as ordinary reality. It is my goal, to help you connect with these ancient beings also.

I will help you deepen your physical and spiritual relationship with animals, nature, the unseen realms, and so much more. 

I approach life through a holistic lens, blending ancient practices with modern sciences, merging the physical with the mystical. This combination creates balanced and harmonious healing and deep connection with all living things. 

To learn more about my journey, wander this way ->


Who are the ancients?
Who are the spirits of the land?
Who are the guardians and where do they exist? How can we connect with them?

If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions or are looking to deepen your relationship with your land and home,
then this workshop is for you!

This workshop is guided by the guardians to help bridge the connection and help humanity move forward into a new existence where all voices are heard.

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