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Image by Kendal
Image by Vincent van Zalinge

Wild Connections

Learn about your wild animal and nature guides to begin building a relationship with them

3 hour workshop

Image by Kendal

Wild animals present themselves to us for many different reasons. What can we learn from them? How are they acting as a guide, sharing insight and lessons to consider?
In this workshop, I take a practical, ecological and somewhat whimsical approach to help you learn more about
your wild guides and open the gateway of connection for growth, reflection and connecting to the wild in a new way.


Sunday, November 5, 2023
10:00 am - 1:00 pm MST

12:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST

Live via Zoom
a recording will be sent out if you
can't make it live

Bonus Take Home
Meditation and workbook

10 Seats Available

After your reserve your seat,
I will email you with further details as we get closer.


What We Will Explore Together

  • Opening meditation and grounding exercises

  • Who and the what a wild guide can be

  • The difference between power animals, spirit animals and wild guides

  • How your guides present themselves to you

  • Receiving and deciphering their messages

  • How to invite your guides in

  • What might be blocking you

  • Recognizing them physically and mystically

  • Relationship building

  • Group collaboration with Q & A

  • Bonus: Take home meditation and workbook

  • Invitation to a monthly practice group

Wondering what kind of advice your guides can share with you?

Take a look at some wild guide messages here

If you're a nature lover wanting to go deeper with your connections to earth, animals and spirit,

then this workshop is for you!

What People Are Chirping About

Your class was so fun and easier to tap into than I expected :) It definitely had everything I was looking for. 

I sometimes forget to nourish the connection, but that’s saying more about me rather than the class :) 

Sarah S.

Thank you, thank you, so much for this class! A few days after, I went through your workbook and realized that I've had dragonfly in my life for as long as I can remember. Now I feel confident that I can foster a deeper relationship with the dragonfly, understand their messages and apply their lessons into my life. I feel like a doorway has opened and there's no turning back.

Jessie D.

Your class really meant a lot to me. I found personal confirmation over and over again as the class went on, verifying my experiences and giving me a greater understanding of who is on my team. Thank you so much!

Ellen M.


Hi friend, I'm Kara!

I connect with the consciousness of Earth and Spirit and it is my goal to help YOU do it too, in the most down to earth way.

I will help you deepen your physical and spiritual relationship with animals, nature, the unseen realms, and so much more. 

I approach life through a holistic lens, blending ancient practices with modern sciences, merging the physical with the mystical. This combination creates balanced and harmonious healing and deep connection with all living things. 

To learn more about my journey, wander this way ->

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