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A Message from Gaia, Post Yellowstone Healing

Updated: Dec 2, 2023


Below you will find Channeled Messages from Gaia and the Guardian Goddess

After a Group Healing Meditation

Channeled on 11/29/2023

Messages from Gaia:

Thank you, my fellow Earthlings, from the Goddess Gaia, herself. I come to you today, because you have done a great, great deed for me, for humankind and for the ecosystem in which you targeted. Yellowstone is a very special kind of space and I’d like to share what exactly you did for me in the grand scheme of things through your powerful healing.

You held sacred space for me to purge much, much needed energy out of my volcanic channels. The thing is, of course there was no actual explosion, but I released much energetically, and I could not have done that without a surge of intentional energy flowing my way all at once. I can utilize the energetics given and channel them to where they need to go most. Much was released out of what you could call a “power surge”.

I want to paint a picture for you. The entire underlayer of volcanic activity is an energetic portal, quite literally, an energetic hot spot. These are sacred grounds, or what was once considered…

These grounds that you helped me heal, are a gateway into the cosmos, into higher consciousness. When people come here, they get a vibrational attunement, an amplification of their energetic being because it is so potent. Much like a sacred healing site, you might find this space to be comparable with the circles of stone in the lands of green, only this particular space is much larger. It is a power center of earth, one of many sprinkled throughout my body.

Not only did you clear the channels within the volcanic spaces, but these channels also connect to all volcanoes around the world through their own energy links. All volcanoes, active or asleep, got to cleanse. This might sound like a little, subtle shift, but I assure you, this has been extraordinarily cleansing and will be more powerful than you will ever know. The volcanoes haven’t been clearly linked in thousands and thousands of years due to dark, sludge and they haven’t been able to properly channel together, or keep the lines clear which ultimately helps me purge my darkness that I hold. I can do that now, purge what no longer serves anyone's highest good, especially mine and especially yours.

My body holds many layers of trauma, many layers of darkness. I hold what I can, but I cannot hold anymore, any longer. My capacity to hold trauma and darkness is full. There is not an equal balance of give and take for me to properly get rid of the trauma I’ve been holding until quite recently, thanks to you and your powerful surge of energy, given graciously.

So much was cleared that day and by linking all of my volcanoes back together in perfect harmony, you have helped me insurmountably for the future.

The goddess you spoke with directly, the caretaker of this particular land, is high as a kite on your energetics still. She will be able to carry forward giving much more to those who stop by, to her animals, to the trees, to the waters, much more easily now because for the first time in a long time, her cup is full. Her cup is overflowing, full.

I want to ask you a simple question to reflect upon before I give the floor to someone else.

When you give yourself to another energetically, do you give from an empty cup, a partially filled up or an overflowing cup?

I ask you to think about this because the land is much like you in this capacity, giving from what should be an overflowing cup, but instead, we give, and continue to give from a cup that is far too empty to even consider giving anything away, but we do. Just like you do as humans, we do as beings of the land, all of us together are continually giving from cups far too empty to be acceptable.

It was designed for all of us to give only when we had an overflowing cup. The overflow is what you are to give others, but instead many take, take, take and never give back to ensure the givers cup is constantly full.

I ask of you, as a person of this earth, capable of giving and taking, how might you give with more discretion and take with more kindness to help keep the balance?

We would never have placed ourselves in this predicament if we had kept the balance in the first place. Many Gods and Goddesses are lacking in their gifts to give. Simply put, their cups are completely empty and when they give from a completely empty cup, they die. I cannot have that. These guardians of the greater landscape are caretakers of the bigger picture, they are the caretakers of all things living and natural.

My children, my caretakers are dying, but thanks to you, the Goddess of Yellowstone can continue thriving and give her gifts to all, for years to come. Thank you from my deepest, earthly heart, it is a sacred gift you have given her and myself. Please continue your work in small and large ways, filling the cups of each guardian you come across.

I must go now and continue my work. Please know you are making a huge difference. More than I can ever explain to my dearest children of the earth. Please continue on, stay strong, and continue giving your sacred powers to help me heal all of me.

With the kindest and warmest love possible,

Your dearest mother,




The Guardian Goddess of Greater Yellowstone:

Thank you, kindly folk!

I am giddy, giddy, giddy, and high on energy! I haven’t felt this good in a thousand years. I’d like to thank you for your kindness and compassion for sharing your space with me, even though we may not have formally met.

I can now take greater care of the landscape, give more to the wild kind, big and small, and give, give, give, give to the humans that come, enjoy this sacred space, and then leave. They might not know it, but I refuel and give each person that crosses the threshold into my space, many gifts.

Before you came, I was fatigued, tired, but willing to give as much as I could. Now I can give freely and in more abundance. I cannot wait for the influx of humans to come again and enjoy this space.

The animals too, they’re tired and will have a long winter ahead of them, but I can help refuel them too. Please do not be concerned on their behalf. I can share with each little insect, or vole and up to the greatest of bison… including the fish and amphibian's let’s not forget.

Thank you kindly from a grateful Goddess, who had not been recognized for far too long. Please remember me and remember all greater landscapes have guardians that need an extra boost just now, as we all work to heal ourselves and Mother Gaia.

With kindness and much love from me to you,

The Guardian Goddess of all the Lands


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