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A Yellowstone Bison Answers A Few Questions


Q & A With A Yellowstone Bison


I opened up a public Q & A with a Yellowstone bison. Below are the submitted questions and his response.

How is the earth feeling in Yellowstone?

I can feel a shift in dynamics on an energetic basis, but you'd have to ask the Guardian Goddess of all the lands this question. I can only share what I can feel. I can sense a shift in the portals or gateways of consciousness. This land is sacred land and a lot of energetic potency is changing; to what, I cannot say.

The land itself is tired, fatigued by a lack of return in energetics. Many people take energy from here, but fail to backfill in thanks and gratitude. If it is not an equal give and take it creates an imbalance. The land is fatigued from imbalance. The rest I cannot speak to as it is out of my expertise.

Do you carry the memories of your ancestors that used to run wild? What was your relationship with the native people in the area?

We all carry memories of our ancestors through cellular memories, easily accessible when called upon. I have access to their freedom, trauma, hardships, how things used to be...

all of their memories live on, in my genetics but to recall them specifically, no, I choose not to access those recollections, although I can if I wish. Th relationship with the people of the land was much more of a give and take in comparison to today's experiences where it is more of a take. The balance is not equal anymore, which is a shame, a great shame.

What is your greatest joy?

To bask in the summer sun, to feel the crisp autumn air in my lungs, to take in the simple, quiet pleasures of my existence and to feel the natural strength of my physique.

How do you feel with all of the tourists?

We wish to be respected, not harassed. We generally are lenient with the comings and goings of people but boundaries get breached regularly and sometimes we lash out. WE not wish to cause harm, just remind people we have solid boundaries and it is unacceptable to be disrespected. It gets tiresome.

Do you feel resentment towards humans for hunting your kind almost to extinction?

That is a complex question indeed... It is not a matter of being resentful, we are here to help humans learn, develop and evolve. We hold space for that development as our species evolves as well. We are all linked in the end and I think that's a lesson to consider graciously. We never hold resentment, it is not in our nature, we merely hold space.

Do you have a special spot to hide from tourists?

Oh, you need not to worry. We have plenty of space to get out of the hubbub of chaos come peak season, but being seen is valuable and an important part of our jobs here on earth. We are to inspire a life that once was and could be again.

Can humans help you heal energetically from the traumatic past?

We are doing quite fine, you need to worry more about healing your ancestral traumas because without self-care and healing on a cellular level, one cannot live up to their fullest extent. Take care of oneself first, before another.

Are we in your way?

It's complex here now, indeed, but people deserve to live here just as much as any of us. Respect and gratitude are all that we ask for, to come back into harmony with oneself and all living beings. To give and not always take is key at bringing us all back into equilibrium existence with one another.

What do you want us to know?

I would like all humans to know that great things are coming and to be patient with all kinds big and small. It is imperative to keep your hearts open to compassion and empathy, and bring forth a world that you would like to live in. Times are challenging for all beings on this planet right now, so be compassionate, but keep going...

Don't give up on humanity or the state of the world. The waters will settle soon and the world will become anew.

What is the advice you have for us to navigate this Earth?

Be kind and compassionate, get intimate with the language of your heart, connect deeply to the land as if your life depended on it and be open to all possibilities. The quiet, subtle forces of nature are making their way into your subconscious, listen closely and they'll guide you in strength and nobility.


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