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1,000 Year Old Spruce Has A Message For Humanity


Below you'll find a Channeled Message from the Largest Spruce in the World

Channeled on 7/15/2023

Dear children of the Earth,

The time is imperative now to follow kindness 's lead. The earth needs you more than ever to be stewards of the earth, like it was always meant to be, in kindness, together, in working relations.

I am an old tree, as old as they come. I am tired. I hold many scars on my body from carved art not so kindly displayed but I wear them with pride to show the signs of times changed during my 1,000 years. It is my birthday, yet again. I am old and tired but proud to be standing tall and grand for people to admire.

What makes me harbor great sadness in these old tree bones is the lack of appreciation. People come, people go, people stand, sit, and climb on me... Which is fine, but nobody asks how I am doing, what I have seen, how I can help and assist humanity navigate into the future...

I am old, but not the oldest in the world and we ancients remember a time when we were cherished and respected, but mostly consulted. That is what is greatly lacking. I can help, we can help, but the time is dire. Sing songs and circles around the trees, have profound experiences, share your knowledge with us and consider us old friends much like human elders, wisdom keepers of the land and storytellers.

We, all those of the land, cherish what once was and long for it to return, the stewards of the earth, in kindness and compassion and love and grace. I can tell the world is shifting. My roots are constantly dry, I cough from the foreign particles in the air, but I continue to keep on. Many of my kin, my fellow tree beings have gone, left their bodies, leaving the tree vacant because they could not stand to watch humanity destroy itself. It is too hard to watch someone we love kill themselves slowly without regard.

We don't care about our kind as much as you would think, it is about you, you're kind.

The relationships we've had have been too greatly lost, but some like myself, in-dwellers, we stay, we live and give kindly mostly for humanity. Some of us kindly folk have opted to stay but have entered a kind of deep slumber. They wanted to stay, to wait it out if the day came where humanity woke up again and could reawaken the tree beings and the stone people and many more who would not give up on humanity but could not bear to watch the destruction.

People of the Earth, I ask of you now to please reawaken my kin. I cannot do it. It must be done with intention by humans, the caretakers of the earth because when they reawaken they will gladly celebrate the coming of new times. They've been waiting for this a long time. They can help others reawaken too, but it starts with you.

Touch their trunk, say hello, sing harmonics, that's a favorite. They would be elated to awaken to song. Sit by them, tell them your stories as if they are your grandmother or grandfather, sister, brother. We are great secret keepers.

I am tired now. I feel like I am carrying the weight of the world. The cameras, flashing lights...

It can be exhausting. People always taking, never giving in return to keep the balance. I am a big tree, biggest in the world, I need more than one earth keeper to send me love and gratitude, to keep me standing tall, but I have many good seasons left, I can wait. Ultimately, be respectful, in love, and kindness.

Return to the earth and remember the ancients and wisdom keepers. We have the answers and can help, if only consulted. Remember we love you kindly, always.

With love,

A large and lonely spruce

P.S. Earth keepers already doing your duties, I bow to you. Thank you for being the warriors in the not so friendly space. It can be hard, but you are strong, so much stronger than you know. Keep standing tall, keep standing proud and strong. Root and anchor in and combine. Link arms, link roots and don't let the oncoming tidal wave push you over.

Here are a few pictures & a video of this magnificent tree


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