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Earth & Spirit Connection 101

Fern Leaves

​Earth Consciousness Healing

Land & Home

Clearing, amplifying and healing your land and home by working with subtle energies, clearing traumas, and restoring harmony with the rhythms of the earth


What to Expect

A land and home healing will evaluate the following

  • The Trauma held in the land and home and how to alleviate it

  • The energy within the physical house or buildings that could be detrimental to your health

  • Power spots for healing and/or meditation

  • What nature beings reside on the property, their intentions, plus how you can work with them directly

  • If there are discarnate souls (humans that did not cross over) which can cause additional stress, they will be addressed with kindness and compassion and gently moved on

  • Connection with the spirits of place (genus loci) for direct insight to past traumas or current energies

  • Any other concerns you have about your space

  • Healing will be conducted energetically and physically. Together you and I will work as a team to bring harmony back into balance.


What People Are Chirping About
I consider myself to be a pretty spiritual connected woman. The land reading with Kara enlightened my senses and understanding to a level I only dreamed was possible. The power and connection Kara has to land she's never stepped on but once you hear her talking about it is absolutely direct, it pierces your heart and lifts a veil to the home, the land you thought you knew. When you receive your land reading happiness is shared in wealth and the dark sticky parts are cared for with gentleness and grace. I've had the privilege to receive two land readings from Kara and I can't wait to schedule my land check ins in the future. She has become a friend to me and my family. Thank you Kara! 
Jess H.

Kara is truly gifted. She is my "go to" medium between the physical and spiritual world.

She has not only helped me connect with both of my cats and horse, but she has also helped me connect to a stubborn ghost that was frequenting my house and helped guide him to the other side. Kara is extremely passionate about what she does, and I trust her completely with her work. I'm so lucky to have found her!

Sara E.

  • Clear stagnant or toxic energies 

  • Attune your space with you're intentions

  • Foster a deeper connection to the earth

  • Combine the practical with the magical for greater healing

The Process

  • Scope: We will discuss your unique property or situation to set intentions and scope of the reading to direct the flow and overall outcome

  • Map Dowse: Detect the energy of the land and home for positive and negative energies that can be worked with or cleared such as geopathic stress, undergrounds faults, electro-magnetic fields, or manmade trauma

  • Reading the Energies of PlaceCommunicate with the spirit of place, land and home for deeper insight to restore harmony with the spirit of place (genus loci).

  • Spirit Release: Release of earthbound spirits with care and compassion

  • Detailed Report: You will receive a report of what was found, including the energies released, healing recommendations for you to keep the balance

  • Each land and home assessment is different depending on the unique situation, healing needs of the land, home, people and animals residing there

  • Healings are held remotely with a follow-up call to go over the healing in depth with continued support until you feel the balance and connection is restored

Old brick house
Cabin by the Lake

Are you a nature lover looking to foster a deeper connection with your land and home?

If you are ready to foster a deeper connection to the land and home in which you live, by utilizing ancient practices and working in partnership with all living beings, to create a better world for all, then Earth Consciousness Healing is for you!

This is for you, if you want to...

  • Foster a deeper connection with the space you reside in


  • Work with the Spirits of the land, assess if they're happy, and how you can work with them directly to build a relationship

  • Deepen your connection with the land and the energies of the Earth, combing Earth and Spirit for deep, deep healing

  • Heal and elevate your space with your intentions

  • Find power spots for meditation, enhanced gardens and elevating yourself

  • Learn how to do this yourself through direct, experienced guidance

  • Clear and protect the energy in your space

  • Tune into the energy of the landscape, nature spirits, dryads and elementals, to co-create and heal

Combining The Practical...

These practices are the oldest known forms of earth stewardship, sacred ecology, environmental psychology, and spiritually-based design. As a holistic, integrated system of natural sciences and philosophy, Earth Consciousness Healing incorporates ecology, geology, geography, dowsing, earth acupuncture, earth healing, seasonal cycles and more.

Together, we will:

  • Increase the life force energy of your home and the land you live upon

  • Reduce and remove negative energies affecting you and your pets

  • Align your home with nature's energies

  • Increase the health of body, mind and spirit

  • ​Amplify positive energies to enhance quality of life and promote healing

  • Restore harmony and balance through the gifts from nature

  • Foster a deeper connection to the natural spaces around you

Black Soil

With The Magical

Co-Create with and Health with the Spirits of the Land

  • Ceremony and Honoring's

  • Crystal Healing

  • Earth Alchemy

  • Color Healing

  • Co-Create with all life, seen and unseen

  • Awaken your intuitive senses

  • Enhance the energy of the land and home

  • Identify power spots to amplify your healing and overall connectedness

  • Learn to read the consciousness and power of place 

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