Love Notes from Loved Ones in Poem Form

Today is the two year anniversary of when I had to make a sudden decision and say goodbye to my beloved dog, Griz.

In his honor, I have been contemplating the most commonly asked question that people ask their animals in spirit form.

The most common question is if their pet visits and if so, how will they know.

I asked Griz to share what signs and symbols people can watch for to know that their loved ones, animals or humans, are visiting and near.

His response...

If you are missing us, we miss you too.

We feel the pain that resides in you.

Please let it go as we are here

we will always forever be near.

Your heart is mine, as my heart is yours,

we are forever connected through the never-ending cord.

The cord of light,

the cord of love,

the cord that connects you to above.

Send your messages up to the sky

we will receive them and then soon reply.

I send you my love and messages from above,

but also send you wings from a glowing white dove.

Listen closely to the whispers in the wind,

feel the caress as it touches your skin.

That is a kiss and a love note from me.

I can manipulate the wind you see.

I can also ask my dear friend deer,

to make an appearance to let you know, that I’m near.

But first you must ask and then believe

or you’ll miss the messages from me.

I love you dearly with all of my heart

and don’t forget we are never apart.

Call upon me in a time of need

and listen for the messages that I will leave.

They are sounds of the wind, the tinkling of song,

the flutter of wings

or the touch on your arm.

The touch of my nose on your skin,

the smell of my fur that randomly pops in,

something as subtle as a temperature change

or something drastic as a heart throb in pain.

These are all notes of love

and many, many messages from above.

All loved ones that have transitioned have their own unique style, symbology and messages they send directly to you.

For example...

Griz sends me quail.