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How Carrots Relate To Death, Pain and Healing

I was pulling carrots tonight for my soup and this beauty popped up.

I share these entangled carrot with you for many reasons…

These two carrots, once mere seeds, were planted and began their life 5” apart. As they grew, and ran into obstacles, rerouting their natural, straight form, they met.

When they met by mere luck, coincidence or because a lazy gardener didn’t get there to triage in time… they grew together.

These two carrots represent so much that seems relevant lately. When someone asks me why it hurts so much when their animal dies, it’s because your energy and physical being, are wound together much like these carrots.

In order to separate these carrots, one would most likely break. In the physical, animal world, that represents death. While one carrot breaks… the other remains whole.

I work with so many people, including myself, who ask the question, “why does it hurt so, so much?” when we are dealing with a loss of some kind.

I want to give you the answer.

Many animals I speak and work with tell me that our energy is entwined, wrapped like a rope, or much like these carrots.

When one dies, moves to a new home, or when we lose someone or something we love… anything really… (it doesn’t have to be a pet), the entangled energy must release and become whole again. So our energy, our love, our commitment and attachment, must return to our own self and vice versa. Their energy must return to them and ours must return to us.

It’s not comfortable and quite frankly it can take years to recover from a loss.

It took me 5 years after the death of my dog to be able to talk about her freely without breaking into a million sobs and the need to seclude. I was still holding on to her and her energy and wasn't ready to release all of her energy back to her.

These carrots, reminded me of that intricacy and I wanted to share a small morsel of what I’ve learned by communicating with all things.

The pain you feel is the pain of all of your love, energy and efforts that you have given freely, returning back to you. THAT is a beautiful thing. To give so much of oneself to another. ❤️ Your pain is justified. You are not alone.

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01 de set. de 2022

Thank you for the explanation of pain associated with helpful and so well said!

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