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Nature Infused Energy Healing

Image by Annie Spratt

Nature Infused Energy Healing

For Animals

Full Session:  $160.00

Session Includes:

  • A body scan will be performed to identify areas to target

  • Healing energy directed at specific locations on the body

  • Chakra balancing & clearing

  • A detailed write-up

  • A follow up call to discuss 

Follow Up Session:​ $100.00

Session Includes :

**Must be conducted within 4 weeks of a full energy healing session**

  • A body scan

  • Healing energy directed at specific locations on the body guided by the pet to support a previous session

  • A detailed write-up

Add on to an Animal Communication Session: $125.00

  • Everything in the initial session will be included

More Information

​Nature Infused Energy Healing refers to connecting with the energies of Earth, animals, elements and Spirit, to provide healing to the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. By blending animal communication, Reiki and shamanic techniques, each session is unique, intuitively led and, most importantly, guided by your pet. 

At Deep Root Connections, we advocate a holistic, alternative approach to help you and your animal companions live a happy and healthy life. 

This unique style of energy healing, combines ancient techniques with natural healing to restore and balance the body, mind and soul.

Each Session Consists Of:


  1. An initial intake and evaluation of your pet​s health and wellness, plus any major concerns you may have

  2. Various healing modalities will be incorporated to heal the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual layers affecting your pet

  3. I conduct these sessions privately, between myself and your pet companion and offer a full write-up of the session

  4. You and I then connect during a follow-up call to go over any concerns and recommendations for continued healing

Who Can Benefit?

Many of the animals that come to me are emotionally unbalanced, from aggression to depression, suffering from fatigue, arthritis, allergies, or they are at the end of their physical life. 

Each individual will be assessed differently and I will gain an understanding of what is preventing or blocking their healing from emotional to physical pain. Holistic modalities will then be recommended, to assist with growth, change or freedom from physical or emotional pain. Senior animals and emotionally damaged animals can especially benefit from this type of healing modality.

After an initial session, on-going support sessions are available to help maintain balance and quality of life. 

Those in the process of aging:

Gain an understanding of where your animal companion is in pain and how best you can support them moving forward.

Those near Transition:

Offers support for end of life, facilitating and easing the dying process and transitioning into Spirit.

Those suffering from emotional and/or physical trauma:

From current life traumas to past life traumas, our pets can get emotionally "stuck" until their pain is understood and released. Much like humans, emotions and trauma can get stuck, and the animal will be in a repeat mode until the wounds are healed. These wounds can manifests outwardly as aggression, fear, anxiety, etc. Unless those wounds are recognized and released, oftentimes the pet cannot move forward.

In these cases, I use a combined technique of deep listening, plus energy healing and sometimes past life regressions which can be very helpful and can radically shift a behavior with the help and understanding of the pet parent. 

Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian and this type of healing is not intended to be a replacement for veterinary care, however these methods work in harmony with veterinary care, giving you the best of both worlds.

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