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Nature Infused Energy Healing

Image by Annie Spratt

Nature Infused Energy Healing

For People OR Animals

Full Session:  $160.00

Session Includes:

  • 60 Minute Healing Sessions

  • A body scan will be performed to identify areas to target

  • Healing energy directed at specific locations on the body

  • Chakra balancing & clearing

  • A follow-up call to discuss 

Follow Up Session:​ $100.00

Session Includes :

**Must be conducted within 4 weeks of a full energy healing session**

  • 30 Minute Healing Session

  • A body scan

  • Healing energy directed at specific locations on the body guided by the pet to support a previous session

  • A follow-up call to discuss

More Information

​Nature Infused Energy Healing refers to connecting with the energies of Earth, animals, elements and Spirit, to provide healing to the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. By blending Reiki with Angels, Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy and shamanic techniques, each session is unique, intuitively led and, most importantly, guided by your higher self, guides and angels. 

At Deep Root Connections, we advocate a holistic, alternative approach to help you and your animal companions live a happy and healthy life. 

This unique style of energy healing, combines ancient techniques with natural healing to restore and balance the body, mind and soul.

Each Session Consists Of:


  • An initial intake and evaluation of you or your animal's overall health and wellness, plus any major concerns you may have


  • Various healing modalities will be incorporated to heal the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual layers affecting you or your animal

  • These sessions are conducted privately during our scheduled time. You may actively participate by setting some time during our session to be quiet and allow the energy to flow or you can go about your normal day to day activities. It's up to you. 

  • Afterward the session, you and I will then connect during a follow-up call to go over the session in detail.

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