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Messages from the Trees

Updated: Jul 2, 2023


Below you'll find a Channeled Message from a Tree

It is I, a kindly tree, and I’d like to share an example of true strength and true collective collaboration. We trees communicate through the soils. Our feet, our roots, interlace with each other’s and we hold each other up when storms arise. We only let those fall who will better serve the community by going back into the soils and giving life to many others through their slow decay. It is a sacrifice made for the greater good, but usually when one falls naturally, they are ready to continue life in many other capacities.

In the time of big storms, take this as an example, to hold one another up. To connect and interlace yourselves in community and in support to keep each other standing tall.

The storms eventually pass, some last longer than others, but we don’t have to stand alone. We don’t have to fight the crazy weather that wants to knock us over alone at all. Stand united, stand tall and proud like the trees and connect with your community members. Be compassionate, hold yourself steady, sway and brace when needed but know, there is always a calm after the storm, where we can all rest and sing and celebrate together.

I consider myself a gentle giant, middle aged if not possibly on the younger side of a tree’s existence, but in my community, I am a grandfather. Many trees have been logged and taken, removed or crippled due to human activity. It is quite alright, we get it, but many have forgotten the ways of the wild and have forgotten what true kinsmanship means. To be connected to all living beings, to be connected to all.

Connect with one another, support each other up, create a space where you are stronger together and be kind to all kinds.

It really isn’t that difficult.


Energetic Medicine From Trees

If you’d like to consider an energetic medicine to pull from me, or all trees, kindly consider community. How can you use the example of a tree grove to bring into your collective community? We stand tall and proud, care for our young and those in the forest that dwell alongside of us. We consider everyone our family and are kind to all who wish to speak with us.

Pull the energetics from the trees to gain an understanding of what it takes to be strong, to be compassionate and then take that home with you to consider how you can connect on a deeper level with yourself in kinship and share that with others around you to build a strong community.

I do not have legs or the capability of screaming out loud to call my family in, I do not need to go searching because my family is close, always close by. But for humanity, your families, your community, those who you wish to dwell besides are sprinkled throughout the entire world. Your web, the place you can connect across all locations, is your opportunity to connect with your community members and create an actual web of energetics across the entire bodice of mother Gaia.

If one connects with another across the world, an energy line is created, you are connected, and when another connects, another string is tied into it creating an intricate web, much like that of a spiders, that can connect you all with your community. A space you can stand tall and proud and hold each other up, even across entire landscapes. It is a magical time to be able to do such a thing. So go now, find your people and begin creating your web. The more strings attached, the stronger it’ll become. You do not have to continue to stand alone, and you were not designed to do so.

We trees love you all dearly, don’t ever forget that, even if you don’t love us back, because that is what compassionate love is. To love one another, even if one doesn’t see another as equal or of value at all. Consider my words carefully and consider looking at the trees in another light.


Journal Prompts

  • What kind of community connections would support your highest good right now?

  • How can you increase compassion and support for another?

  • Describe three people, animals or nature beings that inspire you. Write down why they inspire you. How can you reflect upon their attributes and infuse them into your life?

  • What does kinship mean to you?

  • What storm are you travelling through right now and who can you lean on for support?

If you are looking for a community to explore animal, nature and earth

communication + healing, come join us :)

Thank you for reading and and being here!

Please feel free to share this with someone who might enjoy the messages and resources.

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