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Sadness Within A Mother Tree

Early this spring I went camping and became totally enamored with this beautiful black walnut tree.

Black walnuts aren't native to this region and I was awestruck with how beautiful the bark was. There was a fence around the trunk to protect it and a sign that said this particular tree is from one of the first orchards planted at the turn of the 20th century.

Pretty neat. Later that evening when everyone settled in, I decided to reach out to tree to see if it wanted to share any memories.

Here is what I found out...

This particular tree has a strong feminine energy. The moment I connected I felt really sad.

Realizing this was coming from the tree, I asked "her" why she was sad.

She explained to me that none of her babies had grown even though she tries every year.

The next day, I went to look around her trunk for seeds but almost all of the walnuts had been eaten. After digging around a while, I found two whole nuts that hadn't been eaten yet. Yes! I thought. I asked her permission to take them home and try to grow them for her.

She immediately became much happier and gave me full permission to take her babies. Her sadness released with the hopes that one of her babies would grow! How special of a connection that was.

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