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A Message From a Robin

This little robin lives at a park nearby my house. When I was watching her, I felt as though she wanted to share somethin

g so I asked if there was something I could do for her.

She expressed that she wanted to chat and pass on a message for me to share.

Our conversation is as follows:

*I asked the questions and her replies are in quotation marks*

Why do you nest where humans are?

"To give people the exposure and experience of getting to know us and our process. You'd be surprised at how many people come into this shelter and don't even realize I am here. I nested here to give people an opportunity to notice. Not many do."

I then felt a sense of sadness then within her.

Is this your first brood or have you had many?

"I've had many broods... some successful and some not. It's touch and go. I have a good feelings about this one."

Would you like me to share anything with others?

"Please don't touch our eggs, they are intricately laid out precisely by design. We don't care if you look, but please do not touch, it is very disrespectful. Please be kind to the birds, we matter more than you know. Please share my message with the world and feel free to document the progress of my little family. I work hard to raise my young and with little credit. If you feel moved to, share my story and our success, it would be my honor to show the world the wonders of motherhood from a different perspective."

"Now please excuse me, I am brooding and exhausted. Thank you for taking the time to connect, it is so greatly appreciated. I hope more humans see things the way you do at some point, but until then, I'll keep up hope and continue to nest in obvious areas to provide opportunities for young and old to slow down and notice me."

I then asked if I could take her picture and thanked her for her time.

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1 comentario

01 sept 2022

How sweet of the robin!! We had one make a nest in our tree in the front yard. I loved watching the progress and checked in on it several times..I even wanted to go as far as leaving it some food but hopefully next time.

Me gusta
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