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Messages & Medicine from Ravens

Messages channeled directly from Raven:

We represent all scavengers in the sky. We are unnoticed and unappreciated, yet we radiate mystique and beauty.

We are those that clean up the messes and keep the cycles flowing.

The dead and decaying, the left for dead, the trash and debris, it is our job to clean up your messes and the messes of nature. We are the custodians that clean up your messes and we are highly intelligent creatures yet with little appreciation.

We ask that you give us a notice once in a while as we can be of great service once called upon. We provide safety and security and guardianship of one’s emotions.


Medicine Ravens Offer

We are the transporters of negative emotions and demons to the underworld; we not only scavenge those in physical form but we assist with the dead and dying. It is our job. It is our main purpose of being. We are beings of the light, you just and must look past our annoyances to see what we truly are. This discussion includes those other scavenging birds that you consider nuisances. We deserve respect as we keep the balance. Please give us more regards as we move into the new world.

When called upon, we will help transport those dead and dying behaviors, emotions and feelings into the underworld to never be seen again. We will dispose of that which no longer serves your biggest and highest alignment. We will rid your body and emotions of the garbage that you hold within. We will help you release it and turn it into something new.


How to tell a Crow and Raven Apart

For more information on the differences between crows and ravens, head over the the Audubon's website: HERE


Fun Raven Facts

Ravens can mimic human voices

Ravens can remember faces

Ravens are scavengers

and eat an array of food including small amphibians, mammals, birds,

reptiles, carrion (dead animals) and human trash.

Ravens and Crows are part of the Corvid family,

which includes jays and magpies. They are considered to be amongst the most adaptable and intelligent birds.

They have one of the biggest brains to body ratios

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1 Comment

Sep 01, 2022

I love Crows and Ravens! They have helped me more than once and quite magical experiences that I have never forgotten and am truly grateful for..the latest...I needed to get up at 6-630 for work and somehow slept passed was their calls in our neighborhood which they usually are up on the hill that woke me..I immediately said, "oh! that's for me! omg, the time!! Thank you so much!!"

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