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Messages & Medicine from the Thieves of the Night

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Messages channeled directly from raccoon:

We are the thieves of the night. We raid what we can and steal what others have worked for. We are nifty creatures, intelligent and wise. We can be vicious, as well, if need be, but otherwise we have strong family bonds. We look out for each other and we provide a great service to those who enjoy the more unusually labeled creatures.

I ask that you look at your family bonds and family ties. Do you support each other in a manner that serves your whole unit or do you pick and steal from each other serving everyone harm? I ask this because in a unit, we are much stronger and united, whereas when one of us goes astray and rogue, they are unlikely to survive.

The support of your family, whether that be blood kin or chosen, is imperative right now. Keep your bonds strong, don’t be afraid to move away from those that are causing the group harm and continue growing your tight knit family. They will support you in your time of need and help hold you up when you are down.

Just because we have a bad name, “the bandit”, doesn’t mean we don’t care about each other or the rest of the group. We are stronger united than torn apart and sometimes yes, we must make a solo trip as one individual and we make our own path and keep our bonds and ties strong. We merely steal because we can and it is accessible, but we are savvy in nature and can accommodate many challenges and changes. Why you may ask? Because we are strong and united and let’s be honest, we are fairly intelligent creatures.


Medicine Raccoons Offer

We do have medicine; it is of family bonds and ties. We can be called upon in a time where your unit feels weak and needs to find it’s strength or we can shed light on those who need to be discharged from the unit to keep it strong. Call upon us when you feel lost and alone and we will help shed light on who your real ties are with.


Fun Facts for Raccoons

A group of raccoons is called a nursery.

A raccoon has five fingers on each front paw and can rotate their hind feet 180 degrees.

Raccoons score a very high mammal IQ. Landing above cats and just below monkeys.

The name "raccoon" originated from the Aztecs word mapachitli, which means "one who takes everything in its hands."

Raccoons have communal toilets.

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