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Messages & Medicine from Toad

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Messages channeled directly from Toad:

We toads are considered ugly by the masses because we hold what you call warts and are sticky and slimy and live in swamps, bogs and bodies of water.

We eat the things that most don’t like. Mosquitoes alike are delicious. Our energy isn’t for everyone nor are we much appreciated.

I may not be all that popular, so let me make this short and sweet.

We are the toads and the frogs of the world, we step forward in masses to show you the way, when we die due to dirty water, it is because of great contamination in our ecosystem, which is a mirror for you all to look deeper into the toxins and poisons of the earth and your body. When we begin to die off, it is because you are poisoning yourself.

We are all connected, we are all related to some capacity. If we die, it is quick and generally painless, but it is a warning for you that your waters are poisoned and that your death will be painful and slow if not corrected quickly. I wanted to be highlighted here today to give you a warning call.

Do not ignore the ugly ones as we are the ones you should be paying great attention to. Are your waters clean and clear and safe to drink from? I think not. That is your invitation. You have wronged so many, it is time to look into the mirror and correct your ways. I have no more patience for these changing times, as the time is dire. We need change.

I call upon you to look inside and make the changes that you need to, to help the greater good.


Medicine Toads Offer

Call upon us when you need to reveal the toxins within your body, mind and soul. It is there that great contamination happens and then it has a trickle down effect. Once you are contaminated in mind, the world around you begins to deteriorate. We will assist you with a deep and much needed cleanse to wash away those dirty habits but you must have clean water to cleanse properly. Water is a valuable source that cannot be replenished, so think wisely please, as you move through your days, weeks, months and years.


How to tell a Toad and Frog Apart


Fun & Important Toad Facts

Toads and frogs are indicator species

which means that they are part of a group classified as living organisms that indicate whether or not a specific habitat or natural area is healthy or not. These "indicator species" are highly sensitive to what is in their environment which means that their populations will reflect the quality and health of their surroundings. Those labeled as indicator species will show scientists the good and the bad within the environment.

Treehugger has an excellent page listing other indicator species

There are about 350 species of toads worldwide

Most toads can secrete a milky toxin from a gland that is located behind their eye

Toads are mostly nocturnal (awake at night) and sleep during the day in ground burrows, trees, and under leaves

Several toad species are federally listed as endangered or threatened


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