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Messages & Medicine from Bat

Message channeled directly from bat:

We are the guardians of the night. We may not see well, but we certainly can hear. We hear the whispers whispering, about what is yet to come, but we have yet to see it in full force yet.

Listen to what is echoing back at you when you yell. What is that coming back?

Don’t listen to the words, listen to the tone, feel the vibrations of what you say and the words and screams that leave your mouth. Mostly, they aren’t pleasant are they?

If you are not kind, the vibrations will hurt you in return when it bounces back to you.

If you chirp with love and kindness and with the best of intentions, that is what that will come back to you. It is a mere choice that you have. What do you want coming back at you after you speak or yell or even act?

Everything has a vibration, and when it is spoken and bounces off the recipient, it comes right back to you. Do you want love and kindness or do you want hate and ridicule? It’s your choice, and yours alone. Just look into the mirror next time and speak your language. Do you feel pretty or do you feel ugly when you speak your words that leave your lips?

We bats understand the complexities of vibration and resonance. When we chirp, it is quite simply for sustenance and to communicate with our companions in a gentle format. Think wisely next time before you speak. It hurts you more than it hurts others in the end.


Medicine Bats Offer

We serve as a reminder to produce loving vibrations that serve a purpose, and not to resonate with the unkind. If you feel as though you are trapped in an unkind pattern, think of us, call upon us and we will remind you that what you throw out there comes right back to you in full force.


For the Love of Bats, Fun Facts:

Not all bats are nocturnal

Bats can eat up to 1,200 mosquitoes per hour

More than half of the bats that inhabit the United States are in severe decline or are listed as endangered

Bats belong to the Order Chiroptera which means "hand wing"

Nocturnal bats use echolocation to find their food.

Echolocation is the use of high frequency sound pulses emitted from the bat mouth and nose, which bounce off of their prey. This is how they determine where their prey is and what it is.

Other food bats eat include fruit, seeds, pollen, and of course the famous vampire bat that eats blood.

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