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A Spring Message from Bear

This story style message is brought to you from a mother bear emerging from her winter den,

ready to teach her young the secrets of the land

passed on from generation to generation.

The bear, is stirring in her den, shaking off the cold winters slumber. She is about to emerge into a world unknown as things may have drastically changed over the many months she hid in her den, giving birth to new life under harsh conditions.

She shakes her body and awakens to light. As she emerges, the sun catches her eye. The world is cold still, but spring is on its way. She looks behind her, spry cubs wanting to play, but she is ravenous. Ravenous for the delicacies she can scavenge.

She must embrace the new world with appreciation and wonder, curiosity and respect. She must tread lightly to ensure the youngsters can follow in her footsteps. She is a new mother, embracing the challenges of motherhood.

She knows the way, as her mother has shown her where to go to be safe and find the resources she needs. She remembers. Her ancestors have shown her their secrets over many, many generations and now it is her turn to light the way for these youngsters.

It is her turn to pass the information and the torch on. The ancestral secrets will be passed along to a new generation with a unique outlook on life as each individual is unique in their own right.

As we emerge into the new world,

let’s begin by shaking off the old, and bringing in the new.

Let’s shake off the slumber and the sleepwalkers state

and let the light shine in

and be renewed.

Let’s follow the trail of the bears ancestor story, and remember where we came from. Remember the knowledge hidden within that has been taught to us through genetic transference.

You know the way instinctually, you know the way, just as a mother knows how to feed her child naturally, instinctually. Your instincts are sharp, you may have just forgotten. Let us shake off the darkness and be renewed with the sun’s bright rays. Enter into the new world and embrace your powers by entering into a curious mind and follow your ancestral plane of existence.

It is there that you will find the hidden secrets of communion and connection. It is there that you will learn to speak your hidden language and find the familial secrets passed on from generation to generation.

There has been a slight dampening and stalling of transference in the past few generations so it might take some digging. Just as a bear excavates her den, you may have to excavate your past, and uncover a hidden truth and a hidden language that lays dormant, waiting to be renewed.

The springtime, which is upon many of you, will bring such a feat. Enter into it with new aspirations and new growth, with a curious mind and a playful nature, you can find the hidden secrets that you wish to uncover that will help you on your way.

Just like the bear, it is time to wake up from the darkness

and let the light shine brightly on you, over you, and within you.

Go now and find your magic. Pull from the bears energy as she is a gentle and a knowledgeable leader. She can demonstrate great compassion and a fierce protective nature, but she also knows the way to the hidden past and the secret language of the land. She will show you if you follow her insight and wisdom.


Working with Bear

Bear wishes to help whoever is ready and she will await your calling.

To work with her directly, all you must do is call her name.

Call her name and feel her power.

Call her name and let her show you the way.

You are allowed to embody and embrace her unique physique. She will share ancient knowledge with you, if you choose to work with her. She holds many secrets and will only dispel them to those who wish to take the leap. The leap into the unknown and the leap into the new world.

Call upon her when you need extra strength to carry on, as she will act as your guiding mother. Call her by name when you are ready to follow as first a student and then a leader. She will teach you many things and she will be waiting to show you the way.


Fun Facts about Black Bears

Black bears aren't always black!

They can be cinnamon, black, blonde, brown, blue-grey and even white.

They are omnivores

meaning they eat berries, roots, insects, carrion (dead animals).

They aren't picky! They are great scavengers and typically eat whatever

is available in their location and seasonally.

They are excellent at climbing trees to escape danger.

A mother black bear can have 1-3 cubs but can sometimes have more.

Cubs are born during winter while the mother is in hibernation.

and weight about 5 lbs when they emerge from the den.

Cubs stay with their mom for 1-3 years while she teaches them the secrets her mother showed her. She will teach them where to find food during various seasons and how to prepare for hibernation.

Cubs stay with their mom for about 18 months.


There are 8 different species of bears in the world!

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