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Messages & Medicine from Owl

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Who? Who calls upon me? With fierce eyes at night and a silent flight, we are the carriers of death. We love the night sky and the full moons and our silence serves us well. We owls radiate strength agility and elegance and swift movements all done quietly and with grace.

We don’t need to be loud to be noticed. Our goal is go unnoticed in fact. Silence will serve you well too my dear children.

We come with warning. We are the messengers and those who keep a watchful eye. Sometimes it is of good fortune and others it is a danger; a bad fortune will be coming your way. We mean no harm.

Silence is a virtue in such a loud and noisy world.

We ask that you take a minute to silence the external noise and the internal noise, the constant buzzing, and the lights and commotion, it is taking you away from your own internal radar. It is taking you away from source.

If you cannot be in silence, then you have much inner work to do. You should be able to be with your own self. If you cannot, then who else would want to be with you? Silence is fortune and silence will take you to great heights gracefully if you can manage it.

Learn to be quiet and heed my warning. The noise and the lights and the constant commotion is of danger to you. Stop the racket, and be quiet, then you’ll hear the important things come through, otherwise you will fail and flounder. Go now in elegance and grace and learn to fly in silence.


Medicine Owl Offers

Remember your own silent flight and to avoid the chaos all around. When you get overwhelmed and overstimulated, remember to be quiet. Find a quiet place to perch and watch the world go by. Being quiet is a virtue and something humanity needs to practice in order to get good at.


Fun Owl Facts

The dish shaped face of an owl concentrates sound waves, allowing the owls to hear their prey up to 1/2 a mile away.

Owls have a third eyelid or a membrane that is transparent that covers their eyes while in flight.

There are over 200 species of owls.

Owls are excellent at pest control as they eat rodents, birds and sometimes other owls.

Owls have different colored eyes which determines what time of day or night they hunt. Yellow eyed owls, hunt during the day. Orange/red eyes, hunt during twilight. Dark brown eyes, hunt at night.

Below is an owl pellet with rodent teeth, hair and a few bones sticking out.

Thank you for reading and and being here!

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