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Animal Spirit Guides

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Animal Spirit Guides

An animal spirit guide is the spirit or essence of an animal or species

that can act as a mentor and show you a different perspective for a life problem or mirror (reflect back to you) something that you don't naturally see. They can be teachers and messengers.

Animal guides can guide from afar and manipulate scenarios to go in your favor or if you choose to work with them directly, they can give you guidance, medicine and things to think about. It all depends on the person, the situation and the respectful nature of the relationship. The level of information you will receive from your animal spirit guides depends greatly on your own personal relationship with them.

They cannot be helpful to you if you do not call upon them.

Meet your wild guides and gain... exclusive and personalized guidance and medicine.

Each one of us has our own unique team.

Your team will help you gain insight, clarity, healing, life guidance as well as expose your most inner thoughts and feelings to help you better understand yourself and your specific life situation.

Their gift to you is a unique message and power that you can pull from t

hem energetically like a siphon. You can learn to embody their power, their demeanor and characteristics, or be enveloped in their wisdom.

Their medicine by definition is something that you can pull from them energetically like a siphon. They offer it willingly to those who ask for assistance.

It is a matter for those who wish to work with them directly, to call upon them. By calling upon them will allow the gates of connection and communication to open.


To call upon them will look different to who the caller is.

To call upon them can be a mere thinking of and about a certain animal and their characteristics such as strength and nobility or cleverness or on a more profound and deeper level, to call upon them means to beckon them at your will and work with them directly.

For example....a fox’s medicine to one person might be trickery and for another it could be the ability to think swiftly.

Each animal guide is unique and individual such as the individual person interacting with it.

As a whole however, animal guides do provide a general array of medicine that is out there for the world to siphon off of but in a more intricate relationship the guidance and medicine is unique and different. Your unique team will show you hidden aspects of yourself, your life, offer a different point of view and challenge you to push yourself and dig deep.


I'd like to briefly introduce you to my own personal team

and their unique medicine they share

Cougar: an elegant and powerful being who gives me strength and courage to remember my power.

Squirrel and chipmunk: to help me remember to cache my savings for a hard winters day and not forget to play.

Panther: he is in my shadow. He lurks in the distance waiting and watching. He provides me the power to enter the magical realms and gives me mighty protection. He also shows me aspects of myself that I do not want to address but need to in order to heal.

Humpback: is a divine goddess and wants me to remember my passion and let my emotions out and flow as I like to hide and conceal them.

Orca: sends me reminders when I need to check-in and lets me know when things in my world are about to shift.

Both orca and humpback come to me in my dreams when I need a progression push. They both remind me to look deep within the well of information.

Fox: is my main point of contact. He pulls the strings that need to be pulled to help my progression, offers specific and unique guidance, and calls in whomever needs to come forward.

Rabbit: is my seeker and helps bring forward all of those beings I work with in spirit form from animals to guides, he finds the right individual that I need to connect with.

Bear: assists me with energy healing and reminds me to follow the seasonal changes of the Earth.

Lastly, I have Pegasus... Pegasus is my transporter of souls. He helps me with all of my animals and others in my circle that cross over.

I am profoundly grateful to have discovered my team of spirit animal guides as my life has drastically changed as I have developed a deep relationship with them and have a knowing that they are here to help me navigate this crazy world.


Are you interested in learning who your team is made up of and what medicine they bring to you?

You can begin to identify some of your own guides

by reflecting upon the following questions.

Think about your dreams. Did you, as a child, have dreams with a recurring animal in them?

As an adult, do you have animals come into your dreams?

Are you naturally drawn to a certain animal without any rhyme or reason?

What is your favorite animal and why?

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