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Messages & Medicine from Mantis

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Praying mantis are not designed to be stoic, graceful and silent and set up in the praying position for no reason. Once a mantis captures its prey, it’s game over, the end game, mission contemplated and completed.

What's noteworthy here in regards to the mantis, is how stoic, composed, silent and still he can be in the praying position, waiting for divine timing to capture his prey.

When the timing is right, there needs to be a swiftness of action without second considerations, second thoughts or trying to manipulate the outcome because when one does, it alters the chances of fate and redirects the end result. The mantis, is praised for camouflaging itself, hidden, in secret, in silence and stillness, waiting for the right time to act.


Mantis Medicine

There’s power in this graceful and stoic nature… stillness of the mind and body will bring forth the answers one is looking for in order to make a precise move.

The pause, the stillness, the patience and quieting of all that is around you in order for things to fall into place exactly how they should,

exactly as they are to be aligned for the greatest and mightiest good of all. Patience and stillness are a virtue and something being brought forward from our dear friend the mantis right now.


Instilling Mantis Medicine

things to contemplate...

Where in your life can you instill patience?

How can you create the space for silence throughout your day?

Is there something in your life that needs a stoic and graceful energy? How can you apply this to your current situation?

Is there a decision or project you are putting a lot of pressure on and finding that you're becoming stuck, uncertain and underground with? If so, how can mantis energy help you move forward more productively?


Thank you for reading and and being here!

If this resonates for you or someone you know,

please feel free to share the messages with your friends and family.

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