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Messages from Fairies

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

This message is brought to you from a little fairy

Many of my friends here are unrecognized and go unknown. We want to share the spotlight too sometimes. We offer many things but most people don’t believe. We would like to change that here in the fairy realm.

Many people shy away from us because we have a negative connotation but we mean no harm really. Sometimes we like to laugh and play and yes, some do play tricks but, only those who are very mischievous choose to work with like minded human individuals! So there’s no need to worry!

Anyways, I don’t want to get too grand or throw my kind a pity party, we just want you all to lighten up. Sing and dance and smile and play!

We like to sing and dance and play and lighten up the mood.

People are so down and so heavy right now and we fae think we can help. We can play with a jingling tune and dance the night away. We want to help people be happy and not forget to have joy in their every day.

We can also help with the gardens and assist the garden gnomes. We have magical powers within the plant kingdom and tend to gardens that are inviting to us. That is not all that we can offer your kind, but it is hard for us to help when most people don’t believe because they cannot see.

We want to introduce ourselves to you, but need a formal invitation. We don’t want to come in unannounced.

Now is a great time to find your inner child and remember where you came from.

What inspired you as a child and what gave your heart a skip of a beat?

What made you sing with joy without a care in the world?

I fear many of you have lost that innate curiosity and connection with that little being you used to be. When was the last time you connected with that little human, you know, the pure child within? I think now would be an excellent time to become reacquainted.

So serious you all are all of the time. It’s quite drab. We fairy folk don’t like drab. We like celebration which is why we want you to connect with your inner child and their curious nature.

Be imaginative and curious. Dance for the fun of it! Make up a song and sing along, doesn’t really matter… just do something that makes your soul shine and sparkle. That is really the advice we have for you right now. The vibe is definitely needing a revamp. Just pull the energy of the fairies if you need to lighten your mood.

How can someone do that?

Well it’s quite simple really, go back in time and remember what your childlike adventures were. If you have children in your life, go play with them and get lost in the moment.

You adults are constantly on your electromagnetic components and it’s pulling you away from the sparkle and play.

Sing and dance and prance around as if you had no care in the world. That will attract the fairies to you, but in reality, we are naturally around, especially in the gardens and forests but if you need help with an indoor house plant it’s okay to call us in there too, just keep the felines away from us as they like to chase and bat us around. They are the only ones that can see us regularly so keep an eye on your felines.

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