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Messages & Medicine from Skink

We are a diverse group of individuals and species. We have many ways of escaping those who choose to consume us. Our tails alone, can provide us the distraction that we need to escape.

Do you have an escape tactic or a distraction

that will serve you well in a time of need?

I suggest having one as you never know when someone is going to swoop down and try to eat you. Make it easy to access and utilize and make sure it is something that you can live without.

Can you live without your home, your clothes, your attitude, your ego? It can be materialistic in a sense however; I suggest going deeper and looking at things that you do not need.

My question to you, as I encourage you to go deep within, is what can you let go of, and move away from, to escape the predators?

The predators you might consider escaping are your own thoughts and those surrounding you that inevitably consume you. They don’t consume you in whole sense as I am actually eaten by raven, I mean consume in a sense of the humanly world, of time, space, money, and mind.

Does your ego serve you well or is that just a distraction? And if you do let it go, who will you leave behind as you make your escape? Oh, do you have a few things to think about now. Who knew a tiny little creature, that enjoys basking in the sun, would have such things to say and pass along?

It is amazing the knowledge us little creatures hold when asked appropriately and to share. We have medicine to offer you, the world as well. Would you like to hear about it and how to use it?


Medicine Skink Offers

We little skinks and lizards too, can come in handy when you need to be the deceiver and need to make an escape.

You can call upon us for support in finding innovative ways and asking yourself the hard questions in order for you to make your great escape.

We want the survival of you and we want the survival of us, but we also understand that sacrifice is a great service, so you must be willing to let it go to see the bigger picture and ultimately survive your predator, whatever that predator may be.

It’s as simple as asking us for help, that is all it really takes. Just sit for a moment quietly and think about us skinks and lizards. We will come to you in many ways and assist you as much as we can. Our medicine is there for taking as long as it is done respectfully and graciously.


Fun Skink Facts

Some skins lay eggs and some skins give birth to live young.

Skinks are not poisonous.

Help greatly in the gardens as they eat many insects that are considered pests while doing little damage to crops.

Skins are cold blooded, which means they must warm their bodies by using the sun as their body temperature varies with that of the environment.

Thank you for reading and and being here!

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