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Messages & Medicine from Coyote

I step forward for my kind, to give you a message this day. I am coyote, a trickster in theme, but it is not tricks I bring forward, it is kinship and kindness. I do not know why people show dismay when they have trampled upon my home and my overarching domain. We coexist in nature and try to live in peace, please be kind to those of us who want to live along side of you.

I am a coyote, I yip, bark and howl, I can coexist dramatically in many urban environments, and many of us live wild and free in the open wilderness.

I ask today that those who may, wish to listen, to please be kind to those who stay and to those who choose to not shy away. We coexist for many reasons, to show you what kinship is, if we choose to live in harmony instead of fight for territory.

We used to help each other out, but those ways have been lost. I beg of you to remember that we wish to live alongside of you and not to cause harm in any way.

Please let us show you what true kinship might reveal.


What is kinship from the perspective of coyote?

Kinship to me is the ability to look, listen, feel and understand the greater capacity of a relationship. Just because we are a nuisance, perhaps we are doing more than you can see or understand without looking deep into the land.

Perhaps it is time to ask us why we live so close to humanity. What is it that we are trying to do by showing ourselves to you? We want to live in harmony with mutual respect, we want to show you there is more if you're willing to accept.

Most of my kind is looked down upon in disgrace, but many of you enjoy our energy and essence. It is up to you to learn to follow your own true path, and find the hidden relationships of mutual understanding. We can show you much and teach you many things, but first I stand in kinship with all living things. That is my message I want to portray today.


Medicine Coyote Offers

Please call forth the power of coyote when you need to learn new rules. We can show you cooperation, adjustability, adaptability and true kinship. Please call upon us when you need to be flexible and find comfort living in new situations.

We adjust and adapt and move with grace and enjoy the natural flows, but don’t get disgruntled when we get pushed to the brink. Please use coyote, to remember true kinship is there, if only to ask harmoniously and bring forward adjustability.


Thank you for reading and and being here!

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