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Messages for the New Year

This message is brought to you from a fire entity

It not time for haste but a time for deep reflection, contemplation and pondering. It is time to be masterful in body, mind and thought. The New Year will look how you desire it to be so. So what do you want to manifest in your trekking’s as we move out of one and into another? What do you want to master and what do you want to be mindful about? What do you want to find joy in and what do you want to leave behind? The New Year energy is magical in abundance, a portal if you will. It is for you to step through the portal and enter anew or if you fear the unknown, you can stay behind and watch the doors close in front of you. There is a reason humans celebrate the ancient times of New Years; it is because it is potent and magical if one decides to see and feel.

It is okay either way, you do not have to do anything magnificent or magical, just a mere contemplation of desires and wills and wants and needs. What do you want the New Year energy to bring for you? What do you not? What do you want to succeed in and change or manipulate to be more in your favor?

Now is a good time to ponder such endeavors and consider your own free will and future. Things have been heavy here on Earth, but it is also a choice of humanity, if you want to uplift or not. Do you want to give your life a power boost and if so, how does that look for you in form of actions and plans? What do you want to say you did or didn’t do at the next years end and then the next? You can choose to uplift or stay in the dark and shadow phase. It is up to you but the portal is opening soon and then will shortly close. Walk through and find the air is lighter and you can breathe easier or stay behind and struggle to inhale the stagnant air around you.

That is our message for now and for tomorrow. Make a wish on a star or in a wishing well, but most wishes cannot come true without contemplation and action. It is time to do your own dirty work and get your own boots on the ground to make the changes you see fit to change and to enhance those attributes you wish to enhance. Now is the time to make great change and be proactive, but not in haste, remember to first stop and contemplate what you truly desire.

How can people embrace or step through the portal?

By mere action alone. You can visualize a portal and imagine yourself walking through it. You can enter into the portal by doing the above commonplace contemplation. You can set up an altar and celebrate with loved ones, you can light a candle and watch it flicker… it doesn’t really matter, as long as the intention is there. If the intention is there, then you will move through the portal seamlessly and without troubles.

It is only those who resist the questions above that will miss their opportunity. It is neither here nor there for me but I suggest writing your ideas down, those you wish to eliminate and then set fire to them. Release them into the wind and air and then keep those you wish to enhance on another sheet of paper and keep it close for references throughout the next annual cycle. That is my personal preference but I am a fire deity. I enjoy burning what no longer serves a purpose and what no longer makes sense to keep. It is exciting to eliminate things through fire. You can always wash the thoughts away with water, but that seems too docile, you can bury your desires and wants in the earth and say a prayer of hope which is my second-best choice, or you can just have the thoughts in your mind and keep them there. It is up to you and what feels natural. Fire however, is always the answer when eliminating things of no longer use.

***If you choose to participate in any activity using fire, please use fire safety practices!***

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