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Written Sessions: 

Up to 5 Questions $150

  • In depth session with room to explore your relationship through multiple questions

  • Body scan included for pain/discomfort

  • 15 minute follow up call to discuss your messages in depth

2 Questions $75

  • Follow up sessions only for animals I have previously connected with

  • Great for a quick check-in or follow-up

  • *Behavioral concerns cannot be resolved with this style of session*

Behavioral Concern $150

  • Together we will explore the behavioral concern in depth

  • Create a personalized plan

  • Body Scan for pain/discomfort

  • Includes 1 follow-up, 2 question session

Add On:

Distance Energy Healing $34.00

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Ask your companions anything you want and receive a written transcript with their response.


*Sessions are priced for one pet.


10% discount is available for multiple

sessions if booked at once.

E-mail for info.*

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More Information

If you are wondering whether or not your animal likes their food, why they behave a certain way,

what their life was like before you, if they're happy or if they have any pain and discomfort

this session is for you.


Soul Contracts

Ever wonder why you and your pet have been brought together? Do you feel as if there might be more to your relationship than the obvious? Looking into the your soul contract with your companion can provide a new perspective on your relationship  and provide insight as to why they're in live life.

Past Life

Have you ever felt an immediate connection with your pet that is explainable? Most of our animals have walked this path with us before and it is fascinating to get a glimpse into our relationships that we have had with each other before.


New Family Member

Having a baby? 

Let's chat with your animals about a new human family member and get their opinion about the situation.

Adopting a New Pet

*Discounts available for rescue animal adoption pre-adoption and post adoption sessions*

Are you thinking about bringing home a new animal or animals into the family?

Do you wonder if the rest of the crew will accept them? Together, we can connect with a  potential new family member(s) before you bring them home and see if they will fit in with the others

and ease the transition for all.

Behavioral Problems

Is kitty not going potty in her littler box?

Do you have a dog that is scared of his own shadow or strangers?

Together, we can gain a deeper understanding of a behavioral issue, and work as a team to find a solution. Solving behavioral issues will take time and commitment from all parties and more than one session or a follow up session might be needed to assess progress.


Body Scan

​If you are concerned or wondering if your animal is in pain, I can do a body scan and help identify pain or discomfort within the body of your animal.