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Thank you for stopping by

​I am glad you're here!

I'm Kara,

animal communicator

Nature Infused Energy healer

Earth connection teacher

It would be my honor

to connect

you to your pets

Mother Nature

or both 

What I can do for you

  • Receive messages from loved ones with you now or in spirit

  • Provide end of life guidance directed by your pet

  • Help you find your roots and your connection back to nature

  • Use Mother Nature's energy and elements to bring health and healing to your companions

What People are Chirping About


Jennifer & Sami

(Peaceful Transitions &

Forget-Me-Not Sessions)

"The detail, accuracy, and depth of the messages I got

were absolutely incredible."

~ Jennifer L.

Christopher & Buddie

(Forget-Me-Not Session)

"I would highly recommend giving this a shot even if you're skeptical. I was and I was absolutely shocked by what I received.


Kara gave me information that nobody except Buddie and myself know. It was amazing to hear from him!


Darci & Taz

(In Form Session)

"Kara has an incredible, gentle and kind spirit that makes her easy to talk to and I can’t wait to hear what my other animals have to say to

her next."

~ Darci H.

Image by justin van aken

"When we take the time

to gain understanding

about an animal's nature

we come to realize

they love,

have feelings,


and even have a Soul."

~April Peerless~

Grab your FREE e-book series that will take you on a journey back to your roots and connect you to your animals and the Earth.

"After reading your first two books, I spent five minutes trying to connect to my horse
and believe it or not...I got a message!! Without a doubt!
Thank you so much for these books, they help in so many ways." -D.S.
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