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I'm Kara,

Animal Communicator

Nature Infused Energy Healer

Earth & Spirit Connection Mentor

It would be my honor

to connect you to your companions with you now or in spirit

 assist you on your own journey to reconnect with the Earth and  reignite the magic within


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What People are Chirping About


Jennifer & Sami

"The detail, accuracy, and depth of the messages I got

were absolutely incredible."

Jennifer L.


Christopher & Buddie

"I would highly recommend giving this a shot even if you're skeptical. I was and I was absolutely shocked by what I received."




Darci & Taz

"Kara has an incredible, gentle and kind spirit that makes her easy to talk to and I can’t wait to hear what my other animals have to say to

her next."

Darci H.

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Sara & Pumpkin

"I learned so much about my cat Pumpkin's wants and needs, and I even learned a little bit about myself!"

Sara E.

Image by justin van aken

"When we take the time

to gain understanding

about an animal's nature

we come to realize

they love,

have feelings,


and even have a Soul."

~April Peerless~

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