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What People are Chirping About

Lauren & Sarge

"My session with Kara brought me tears of joy. 

I sought her out for insight on how my horse feels about aging and to check in on his health and heart. Kara was spot on in what I notice to be his more painful areas but she encouraged me how strong my boy is and gave me advice on how to better help. His messages to me caught me by surprise and were desperately needed regarding things happening in my personal life. Kara delivered these messages so kindly and empathetically and I can't thank her enough. I also received some unexpected but much appreciated visits from pets that have passed on! If you are considering connecting with your past loved ones or knowing insight about your life, your animal's health or needs, then this is a priceless opportunity to do so!  I highly recommend someone as compassionate and caring as her!"

Stephanie & Dunbar

"Kara brought me so much peace through connecting with my beautiful Dunbar who has recently passed over. She was able to provide me the answers I was seeking, and even brought through messages from another former pet who had been Dunbar's guide in this lifetime. I was given the special opportunity to hear from both of my beloved dogs and it truly gave me a sense of peace and deeply touched my heart."

Darci & Taz

Darci & Taz

"Kara’s session with Taz was extremely powerful. I was in tears right from the start while hearing what Kara had received from Taz as the session reaffirmed the powerful connection Taz and I have. She also found out about part of Taz’s history that I had not shared and gave me some even better insight about it. Kara has an incredible gentle and kind spirit that makes her easy to talk to and I can’t wait to hear what my other animals have to say to her next."

Lindsay, Reebok & Dusty


"Kara provided a very thoughtful and genuine experience as a whole. Not only did she provide me with meaningful messages from my sweet pets, she listened to me with kindness and understanding. She helped me work through some grief, well before even connecting with the animals. When she did connect (with one dog living and one who has passed), I felt like she described them and their different personalities and roles perfectly. She helped to clarify the significance of our lives as they intertwined- and reassured me that even though one of them has moved on, he is never far away from us- a message that my heart indeed needed. It is clear that she is an animal lover herself and has found great purpose in helping others connect with their beloved pets. Thank you, Kara!"

Jennifer & Sami

Lea & Sitka

In these difficult and uncertain times, it can be tough to find guidance through our challenges, either emotionally or physically. Kara making a connection with my childhood dog, Sitka, and sharing that connection with me helped me feel confidence that I was not spiritually alone.


"Kara has an amazing ability to connect with animals, both living and those who have crossed over. My horse, Sami, and I came to her after Sami had been diagnosed with a chronic illness. Kara was able to connect with her and help deepen my understanding of how she was feeling. As time went on, Sami's health declined and eventually she passed away. Kara was able to connect with Sami again and ask questions and relay my message to Sami, and also Sami's answers and message to me. The detail, accuracy, and depth of the message I got in response each time was absolutely incredible. Being able to hear my animal's detailed message helped me feel much closer in my bond and also gave me peace of mind with how things went. I am so grateful to have found such a gifted person and will be coming to her again in the future to connect with Sami and my other animals. Thank you, Kara!"

Beth & Dutch


"I am so thankful for Kara’s time and commitment to connecting with my dog Dutch. Dutch is a

very serious dog and I wanted to know what he was thinking. Kara had me provide her with specific questions to ask Dutch but also followed her intuition during the reading to allow Dutch the opportunity to share what was on his mind or to get a complete answer. Kara shared details that were spot on about Dutch and me. Kara’s reading has helped me to better understand who he is and enabled me to better connect with him. The best part is that through her conversation with Dutch, he shared insight about me that has helped strengthen our relationship and is helping me to be a better dog mom."

Sara & Pumpkin

Pumpkin 2.JPG

"I learned so much about my cat Pumpkin's wants and needs, and I even learned a little bit about myself! I am so amazed with Kara's talents. She couldn't have been more accurate about my cat and now I know how to better care for him."

Jeanne & Lycan


"I highly recommend Kara to give you amazing insights on your pet!  Kara did a reading of my elderly German Shepherd Lycan and gave me valuable information about an eye condition (confirmed by vet) and how important it was for my pooch to have a job even though she is quite elderly. This helps me know how to give Lycan the best quality of life moving forward with dignity.  And oh my I learned so much more about Lycan’s personality!  Large and in charge -cracked us up!  We also asked Kara to give Lycan some messages.  Much gratitude to Kara for bringing us even closer to our beloved pup.  I totally recommend Kara!"

Elaine with Jake and Abbie

Jake and Abbie.jpg

Our multiple pet “forget-me-not” session with Kara was truly more amazing than we could have ever expected. We recently lost both of our beloved, older dogs (Jake and Abbie) within 8 months.


Needless to say, we were overcome with grief. As soon as our call started, we knew immediately that Kara had undoubtedly connected with each of them. She conveyed details about them, their journeys with us, and special memories that only we would know. Further, she captured each of their personalities, and their essence perfectly – we were blown away.


We truly felt as though they were right here in the room with us again. That was indeed a tremendous gift. Also, Kara went over and above – she didn’t just limit her communication with them to the questions we had asked. She took extra time to follow their conversation where they led. It’s evident that Kara cares deeply about the animals she connects with, and about sharing her amazing gift with people who really need healing messages.


Kara is such a kind, caring soul, and we feel lucky to have found her. Thank you again Kara. You have no idea how much you’ve helped us with moving forward in our grieving process. We’re forever grateful. We look forward to reaching out to you again in the future."

~Elaine B, Barb H, Cape Cod, MA

Rachel & Simba

"After losing the cat I grew up with and never truly knowing what happened to him 11 years ago, Kara was able to reach out to him and give me the closure I needed. He is still with me and he even gave some interesting insight on my past and current life. I can’t ever thank Kara enough for what she provided me during this reading and to know that my baby is still and always with me gives me more joy than I could ever have imagined. Thank you Kara." ~Rachel Z., NM

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