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Messages & Medicine from Scorpion

Messages channeled directly from Scorpion:

We have a strong outer wall and our layer of “skin” protects us from your harsh words. Those who appreciate scorpion medicine are unique just like we are. We are ancient beings and carry messages from the past.

Please hold dearest those you love because they could be zapped away in an instant. It is not from malice, hate or neglect, but times are changing and those are leaving the earth to help us ascend. It is our job and duty to keep the balance of the rodents and overpopulation of creatures that can easily overrun the ecosystems we inhabit. We don’t over consume, we take only what we need but it’s important to remember to be delicate.

Remain delicate and soft on the inside and carry a thick outer shell. It protects you from those naysayers and those that wish to cause you harm. Only strike back out of necessity. You all pack a powerful and deadly punch, but that must remain reserved for when you need it the most. Do not over use it, as that can cause damage to you and to your fellow humans.

Take care with your decisions and use fast, precise actions only when it is dire, nothing you have encountered thus far is as dire as it seems and those deadly punches that are being thrown around casually are causing much harm. Please stop that.

Please be considerate to others and remember your hard outer layer. Let the harshness bounce off of you and don’t absorb anything you don’t need or want in your delicate inner system. Again, only strike when necessary.


Medicine Scorpions Offer

Our medicine we offer is that of ugliness. We might seem unusual to the masses, but we are gentle beings if only slightly misunderstood. People recede backwards at the sight of us, but we wish you no harm. We only strike when we feel threatened and we only strike when we are hungry. I think that seems important to note.

Call upon us when you need thick outer layer to protect your delicate skin and inner being. If you need to control your sudden urges to strike, call upon us and we can help you learn to control that punch.

We come in many forms, from large to very tiny but our sting packs a punch. You do not want to cross us or get in the way of our savory meals. We might seem unusual, frightening, intimidating and dangerous, but we have a soft side as well. We can be very motherly to our young, so don’t categorize us with the bad guys.


Scorpion Facts

Thanks for being here and reading!

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