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Messages & Medicine from Cockroach and Bedbug

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

I would like to step forward and offer up a message to represent all of us “icky bugs” as you say. We are not icky in our minds and we serve a great purpose. We are here to show you what survival looks like in dire situations. We are survivors. I am a roach, and my counterpart here is a bedbug. We are “disgusting” in most of your eyes and that is fine by us however, we are the ones that will outlive you all because we are scavengers, and can withstand extreme climate changes.

We know how to survive. So, my message to you or our message to you is one of gratitude for giving us the platform to speak, and secondly, we want to remind you that living a plush life makes it harder to withstand the extreme nature that will soon present itself.

Many things in your humanly world are changing drastically and you can either find a way to be resourceful and inhabit what is to come or die off because you cannot change your ways. It is that simple. I can eat basically anything I want, and my friend here too thrives on dead skin. We both are not worried but we want you to succeed in your own saving grace.

We want the survival of humanity, so we bring forward a message of survival. What do you need to do to prepare for the ultimate worst-case scenario? What can you live without to help better your world?

We creatures enjoy living in the energy of the earth, but we feel you may have lost your connection. Maybe it is time to relearn the ancient ways of your people. The people that lived with the land, the earth, the sky and the moon. The ancient people that took only what they needed to survive and left nothing discarded and left. Maybe it is time to remember the ways of these measly, disgusting scavenger bugs that can survive by living off the land and consuming what is discarded. It’s a mere thought to contemplate.

I chose to incarnate as a cockroach because we clean up all sorts of leftovers and trash. We try to show you where great contamination is and where things need to be cleaned up as well as my friend here, the bed bug. We just want to show you what is gross in your world and what needs to be cleaned up and reevaluated. Please do not despise us. We are doing you a service.


Medicine Cockroach and Bedbug Offer

I do laugh at the thought of someone calling upon us to help them in some way because I know many won’t, but we do have a potent medicine to offer if someone does choose to call upon us.

We have been waiting to be recognized for centuries so here it is, what we offer humanity in the form of medicine….

We want to show you what is not working any longer in your material world. When you are ready to recognize what needs to be cleaned up and sanitized and removed,

please call upon us.

We will be there, not physically, spiritually. Well, I cannot promise we won’t be there physically as that is our sole job, but it’s the point to be taken.

We want to show you what needs to be removed, cleaned and emptied out.

That is all. We can also teach you ways of survival come worst case scenario however, I have hope that that isn’t going to be the case so I will only offer that of cleaning for now.

If you feel lost or in a corner and unsure as to your next move, remember that roaches and bugs always have an escape route and always know another way out that is unseen by the masses.

So, you can call upon us then as well, however, I am sticking by my cleanliness side for now. Thank you for caring so much and respecting us as much as you do to even have an open conversation with us grotesque beings. I know we are gross, but we do hold some beauty if you want and wish to see it. Thank you for stopping by.


Thank you for reading and and being here!

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1 Comment

Sep 01, 2022

WOW. WOW. all of these but I must highlight Mr. Cockroach/Bedbug...I now see them and the scorpion from a whole different perspective and am SO GLAD they are here and here for us! about that mosquito? I would love a different perspective towards them as well..and the tick...🙃

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