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Messages & Medicine from Black Widow

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Below is a channeled message and medicine offered to us from a black widow. She offers her own perceptions, insight and many things to contemplate. Grab a pen, journal and really feel deeply into the many messages our friend the widow has to share.

This is a good one.


Messages from Widow:

In due respect, it is in my nature to creep, crawl and hide in the shadows and to induce fear by the masses. It isn’t out of intention, actually it’s all about perception. Am I dangerous? Indeed. Do I want to be that one that everyone fears and hides form? No, I don’t. I am only venomous because that is how I am made. I am sleek and sexy otherwise, aren’t I? Deadly, yes of course, but I do not want to bite you or your loved ones. I merely want to live in peace with the respect I deserve.

I don’t want to be touched or mishandled or disrespected at all. I hold strong values and boundaries, something in which most humans don’t understand or embark on. A perception of a spider in which many don’t understand and fear… yet we are powerful, delicate and gentle.

I’d like to reflect on many things that my body harbors, in hopes to shine light on our very being and essence, and offer it to you as a point of reference and reflection for those whom wish to reflect and go deep in their own body and essence.

I am black and red, yes, very powerful colors indeed. Black is that of all colors mixed together. I am everything all in one, yet represented as just a single color, one notion. The secrets really are masked in beauty, but again, I am biased and find myself to be beautiful even though many find my bodice ugly.

It just goes to show, that you can’t allow what others perceive you to be, to affect you so deeply.

If I carried the weight of the world upon my delicate shoulders, I would be squashed endlessly and full of heaviness, but this goes back to boundaries, doesn’t it? I have strong boundaries and what many find to be ugly or scary, I find to be powerful and lovely.

I hold myself strongly because I am proud to be who I am. I am comfortable with being me.


Are you?

Do you find your bodice, inside and out, to be as lovely as I?

Do you hold strong boundaries or do you allow others’ perceptions of you protrude your outer shell?

Protection and boundaries are key ingredients here.

The design on my abdomen represents so many things as well. This is an hourglass shape for a reason, representing time and space.

What truly is an hourglass for anyways? What truly is time? Is it the here and now? Is it the distant future? Is it categorized in the past and present? No. Truly, time does not exist in the world of a spider or that of an ant or worm. No, time… there is no such thing.

Time is an illusion. Yes, you watch the sun cross over the horizon day in and day out and chart the temperatures and weather patterns on a template, but time truly is an illusion based on human perception. Interesting thought, isn’t it? All man made. All human made. Time only exists in your perceptions.

The red on the other hand of my glorious abdomen, does indeed act as a warning call, to trust your intuition and honor our boundaries. We don’t like to be handled, touched or groped without permission. I return that back to you…

Do you like to be misled, mishandled and have your space protruded without permission?

I don’t think so. If so, you need stronger self-virtue and harder boundaries. Don’t let those stomp all over you in disrespect.

My poison, let’s not forget my poison, again it’s all about boundaries and due necessity. It’s how I eat, it’s how I thrive, but yet, because I hold poison, everyone, in general fears me.

I would like to offer this as a reflection point for you, those in humanity.

What poisons are you allowing into your space and what poisons need to be eradicated with stronger boundaries?


Widow Medicine

My medicine is that of boundaries, self-perseverance,

self-worth, self-love.

I am a beautiful being if only in the eyes of the beholder and the only beholder that matters, is me. Is that not true?

How do your eyes befall on oneself?

How do you feel about yourself inside and out?

How do you hold your own boundaries wisely, or do you at all?

Don’t let people step on you because they fear you or because you fear them. It really does come down to fear in the end does it not? And Self-worth? Without self-worth, one may assume they fear the power of others and lack protection of oneself. It is just food for though today.

I myself have watched many act out of fear and self-perseverance but because they lack personal boundaries and self-worth, their decisions are inaccurate and misleading. Go inside yourself and deeply feel the shadows that linger and bring them to light. Find your self-worth, your self-love and radiate that outwards.

Find your inner truth, love thyself and hold boundaries with no acceptation, as if your life depended on it…

because one day, it just might.

Call upon me in a time of need. If you want to feel the radiance of my bodice to get a taste of what self-worth feels like, feel free to embody my being. I’ll allow you in to feel what self-love tastes like, what it feels like. I’ll show you what true confidence is and how to hold stronger boundaries. It’s okay to be quiet and hide in the shadows, but not out of fear of self-worth, but out of self-preservation and observation. There really is virtue in the stillness of the mind, quiet contemplation's and minding one’s own business.


Journal Prompts for Reflection

What do you fear and why?

How does your fear alter your behavior and/or boundaries?

What aspects of yourself are you uncomfortable with and why? How can you offer yourself love to heal this part of you?

How do you allow others perceptions of you to alter your sense of sell, your sense of worth and overall well-being?

Where are you lacking boundaries and how can you instill them?


Thank you for reading and and being here!

If this resonates for you or someone you know,

please feel free to share the messages with your friends and family.

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