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Earth & Spirit Connection 101

Animal Communication

Beginners Course

Class Dates:


If you don't see any dates scheduled, please consider signing up to my email list to ensure you get notification when another class gets scheduled!


Time Conversions:



(Class will be recorded and sent out after class for continued learning or if you cannot make it live, although attending live is highly recommended)



What to Expect

2 Classes (1 per week)

2 Hours long

Live over Zoom

Small and intimate class size (5 max)

Live communications with instant feedback

Take home exercises and animals to practice with

Group discussions and participation

Take home guide

​You do not have to have a pet for this class

Day 1

Will cover ethics, introductory concepts, methods for successful communication, live communications with animals living and in spirit, troubleshooting, homework assignments

Day 2

Review homework and practice sessions

Moving through blocks

Practice live with animals and get instant feedback



Founder of

 Deep Root Connections

After intense study of animal communication I have dedicated myself to giving pet parents messages from their beloved companions currently residing with them, as well as those in spirit. I have come to realize,

that I don't want to be the one giving you their messages, I want YOU to receive the messages from your

own pets. Why? Because living fluidly with your animals and understanding them on a heightened level only enhances your relationship.


Everybody can talk to animals. Even you!


We all hold the ability to communicate with animals. It is just a matter of relearning the language of our ancestors and honing your skills. Before you know it, you'll be having a two way conversation with your pet!

Wondering how and why I became an animal communicator?

Head over here

Energy Healing, Animal & Spirit Communication Credentials

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