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What is Channeling and what are Channeled Messages?

Have you ever heard the term "channeling" or "channeled messages" before? It's a concept that can seem a bit broad and mysterious but when you really look at it and break it apart, all it is, is the process of receiving energy from a being or entity and translating it into something that makes sense to us.

When someone channels, they access higher realms of knowledge by consciously shifting their mind and mental space in order to achieve an expanded state of consciousness which allows one to access information normally bypassed.

Channeling, or as many others call it, connecting, tuning in, or receiving is essentially the same thing.

Connecting to animals, plants and other beings of the earthly realms is really just a matter of connecting, or shifting ones mindset to connect with their energy, setting an intention and allowing oneself to enter into a receptive mode. It is in this mode or mindset that the messages an entity has to share can be translated into words, sensations, feelings, images or a general sense of knowing.

Everything is energy and everything is alive in a sense, even the moon, a rock, a mountain, the streams... everything and everything can offer knowledge, insight and profound guidance.

So when one talks to trees or the moon we can actually receive, in word form, what they want to share with us and write down their messages.

If your curiosity has been sparked, here is a YouTube video about nature communication.

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