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Nature Immersion Activities

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Connecting to nature and allowing Mother Earth take away our stress, pain, grief... is easy if we take a moment to slow down and engage in our natural surroundings.

I'd like to offer you a couple of activities that can help you slow down, appreciate the little details, reduce your stress and just maybe, have a little fun!


Activity One

Find a safe location outside to take a walk. If you aren't able to go alone, ensure that your partner is willing to enjoy the immersive qualities of this activity.

Steps to Take

  • Turn your phone on silent so you won't be distracted

  • Enter into the natural space with the intention of letting go of your worries and stressors if only for a moment

  • Move around slowly, whether that be on a trail, at a park or in your front yard

  • Find details in your surroundings that catch your eye.

  • What pops out to you? Do you see the texture of the grass? Is there a unique rock that you find? Do you hear the sound of a bird?

  • Go slow, but don't force it. Whatever you are supposed to notice will stand out.

  • When you find what is calling to you, take a moment and appreciate what it is...the color, the texture, the sound (if any), the feeling that it provides you....

  • Take a picture of it to reflect upon later OR if appropriate to do so, take something home for the next activity


Activity Two

(great to do with the kiddos)

Find a special leaf if available or something unique with a texture that you can paint. Bring the item home.

Steps to Take

  • Have one or more natural item available

  • Use watercolor paints and a paintbrush

  • Paint one side of the item

  • Place the painted side down on a piece of paper

  • Let dry!

  • Fun items to paint: pine cones, leaves, sticks, rocks....

(This is an example of a begonia leaf from the garden)

Bonus Activity: Once the paint has dried, take a look at the picture and see if you can see hidden images within the image. Do you see anything in this leaf print??


Activity Three

Make your own unique blend of tea

Steps to take:

  • Find edible plants on your walk or adventure

  • Collect a few leaves or needles

  • Wash the leaves or needles

  • Add in any fruits that you have on hand if desired

  • Boil some water and steep!

  • Sip and enjoy

  • This is a great time to practice plant ID to ensure you collect things that are edible!

  • Make sure you know what you are collecting before consuming as many plants are poisonous.

My Personal Recipe:

Raspberries, ponderosa pine needles and lemon


Do you have any fun, nature themed activities?!

Post them below & share!

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