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Nature Infused Energy Healing


Mystical Messages

Ask your spirit guides anything you want and receive a channeled message directly from them

Session Options:

One Question: $55

Three Questions: $105

Comes with a free call to discuss messages

Five Questions: $150

Comes with a free call to discuss messages

All sessions include:

  • A detailed description of who your guide is

  • A channeled message(s) directly from your guide/spirit team to answer your question(s)


  • Your guide/spirit teams insight as to how you can work with them directly


  • Messages can come from spirit animals, totem animals, loved ones, ancestors, angels, starbeings, your higher self... keep an open mind! The messages are always deep and profound.

  • Please allow 5-7 business days for channeled messages to be delivered via email



Image by Kendal
What People Are Chirping About
If you are at a point in your journey where you need clarification or direction, I would highly recommend a Mystical Message session. My session was amazing and provided so much insight and guidance into this next phase of my life. She connected with my highest guide and hearing his words touched my soul beyond what I imagined and shed so much light on things I have been feeling and experiencing. It really was powerful and practical; a cloud has been lifted.
Elaine B.

More Information

Obtain clarity, insight, healing, direction, and life guidance.


Become more in touch with your thoughts, feelings, emotions, energy and spiritual health.


Better understand a situation and obtain a unique point of view.

Sometimes it's nice to have insight for big decisions, receive general life advice or get tips on how to increase your awareness and up your game spiritually.


By consulting your guides, animals and those in other realms, we can tap into the most amazing insight or be challenged to look into the depths of our own soul to uncover a hidden truth.

If you have a specific question you are wanting insight on or feel inspired to see what spirit brings forward,

I encourage you to open your mind and your heart to receive messages from those that so often go unnoticed. 


What or who are my guides and how can I work with them?

How can I tune in to my intuition and strengthen my power?

What is stopping me from being my authentic self?

What are my psychic strengths and weaknesses and how can I connect to them with more intention?

How can I move through this (big decision or life obstacle) and/or look at it from a different perspective?

What emotional or physical wounds am I carrying from past lives that need to be healed and how can I heal them?

Where does my soul come from?

What are my life lessons and missions?

What is the bigger picture of my incarnation?

What is my soul contract with _____? (fill in the blank with the name of a human, animal or other)

How can I find happiness?

What should I consider about this job offer?

What are my fears and how can I move through them?

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