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Image by Takashi Watanabe

Earth & Spirit Connection 101

Fern Leaves

​Earth Consciousness Healing

Combining the Practical with the Magical by

Co-Creating, Healing and Living in Harmony with the Earth

Country House

Land & Home Consultations

Clearing, amplifying and healing your land and home by working with subtle energies, releasing traumas, and bringing

the energies back into balance.


Garden Consultations

Co-creating with the intelligence of the landscape and nature beings to build relationship, enhance your garden or meditation space and so much more!

Coming Soon!

The beings upon the land wish to heal the land they live upon. It is through the combined efforts of all involved, human and Earth, elemental and animal, that makes up Earth Consciousness Healing, whether that be through the trees, the seas, the stars and moon, the ancient beings, or the worms and the plants, it is all there, just waiting for humanity to tune in.

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