Earth & Spirit Connection 101

Exploring Nature

​Earth & Spirit Connection 101

Can you hear the message of the wind?

 Can you recognize the symbolism in the clouds?

Can you feel the pulse of the Earth?

Did you know that nature's elements

are communicating with us all of the time

through ancient and forgotten channels of communication?

Would you like to learn how to recognize messages from the Earth and begin a deep dive into your own spiritual journey?

Earth & Spirit Connection 101 is designed to give you the foundation, tools and techniques to get you started and to reignite the magic within.

4 Videos, Guided Activities, & Journal Prompts
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What People Are Chirping About
I just finished the four-part series of lessons and want to thank you; they were all very meaningful to me. 
Valory D.

Earth and Spirit Connection is for you if you want to learn:

  • What grounding your energy is, how to do it, why it's important and what it feels like

  • Understanding and recognizing your energy centers

  • How to connect and communicate with nature and animals

  • How to recognize and receive messages

  • How animals, trees and Earth elements "talk"

  • How to find magic in your everyday life

By participating you will:

  • Heighten your senses and intuition

  • Connect with yourself on a deeper level

  • Energize your physical and spiritual body and mind by connecting with the Earth

  • Explore the natural world in your everyday life through a new lens

  • Learn easy to use techniques to ground and center yourself

  • Receive tips on how to connect to your heart center to prepare yourself for a spiritual connection

Together we'll explore:

  • 7 Main chakras and how to feel your own energy centers within your body

  • Ways to connect with the Earth and her energy

  • How to call in and connect to an elemental energy

  • How to recognize messages from Earth, Animals and Spirit

  • How nature and spirit communicate through physical modalities and symbolism

What to Expect:

  • One video per day

  • Guided activities to help you expand your intuition

  • Journal prompts

  • Complete at your own pace

  • Access to a private Facebook group to meet like minded people



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Image by Emma Morgan

"We are all a part

of this really incredible cycle in nature that feeds

and nurtures itself

and we've totally

lost contact with that."