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Earth Consciousness Healing
Medicine of the New Earth

Everything we need to know,
is inside ourselves and offered to us through
nature's communion.

Journey with me through a

?  Week Immersive Program

which will invite you to slow down

and find your way back into your body, mind and soul.

Together we will learn how to mix deep earth connection with gentle exploration of inner wisdom in a very earthy and grounded manner.

Together, we will discover a new way of living.

Bring yourself back into the wild nature that is you.

Who is this for?

Only for those who truly wish to feel the pulse of the earth and the intricate nuances with ease. This is for the earth warriors who are ready to bring in the new earth.

Earth healing is animal communication in the wildest sense. You cannot heal the land without consulting the deities, the wild beings, the domestic ones, and yes even the ghosts and ancestors of the land now, can you? You see, it is above and below being combined in the earthliest manner to heal the earth.

Bring heaven to earth through the soils and the stones.

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Connect Deeply with the Consciousness of the Earth

Image by Tj Holowaychuk

Details of the Journey Ahead

A 9-Module Program


Self-Paced Program


Community Connections


Support Group & Live Calls


Throughout the 9 Modules, you will...

  • Reconnect with the healing power of nature

  • Learn techniques and understand tools for healing yourself, your animal companions and the earth

  • Meet your spirit allies

  • Sharpen and trust your intuition

  • Develop and understand your own personal style for connection

  • Gain lifetime access

  • Participate in group discussions

  • Join a community platform for collaboration and connections

  • Receive weekly take home exercises for your own expansion and exploration

  • Receive the tools and confidence to begin your journey to foster a personal relationship with nature and Spirit on your own moving forward

  • Receive BONUS modules at the end for further development

Join us now
Image by Andrew Keymaster

Module 1

Energetic Boundaries & Receiving Messages

  • How to properly cleanse yourself and your home

  • How and why you need to increase your vibration

  • How to receive messages from Earth, Spirit and within

Image by Kendal

Module 2

Grounding & Coming Back To Oneself

  • Mindfulness in nature

  • Deep connections in a physical and practical manner

  • Calming the mind and body

  • Entering into receptive mode

Image by Jan Huber
Wind in the Hair

Module 3

Feeling The Energy Within & All Around

  • Working from your heart and feet

  • Exchanging your energy with nature

  • Connecting to your Earth Star Chakra 

Image by Kendal

Module 4

Wild Connections

  • An in-depth look at your wild guides

  • Understanding who and what your wild guides can be

  • Understanding the difference between spirit animals, totem animals and power animals

  • Recognizing your unique messengers and utilizing their medicine

Image by Niklas Tidbury

Module 5

The Consciousness of Nature

  • Feeling the energy, interpreting it and working with nature beings

  • Asking for permission of use, for example: feeling for a "yes" or "no" from a being (wood, berries, flowers etc.)

  • Understanding and moving through profound grief for non-animal entities through recognition, ceremony, offerings, love and action

  • Being humble and grateful for connection

Image by Kendal

Module 6

Tree Connection

  • Gain an understanding of why trees are so special

  • Seeing a tree's aura

  • Mixing energies for healing yourself and the tree

  • Deep tree communication and relationship building

Tree Stump

Module 7

Elementals: The How & Why

  • Creating a partnership with nature beings

  • What "partnership" really means in their eyes

  • What to expect when working with them

  • Meeting your own elemental guides and begin building a relationship

Image by Kendal

Module 8

Spirits of the Land

  • Identifying who the spirits of the land are in depth

  • How you can connect with them

  • Working with the elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water through ceremony

  • Earth offerings and art

Mountain Range

Module 9

Distance Healing


The reiki with the fairies is to be reiki with all living things, do not keep it small. When you begin your attunements, listen to the guidance of the tree teachers and let them guide you on how to attune a living being. Please, we ask of you to teach that just now, how to attune the nature beings.

Image by Kendal

Module 10



  • Id

Mountain Range
Image by Ganapathy Kumar

Module 9

Closing Ceremony

  • Review and Discussion

  • Q & A

Image by Kendal

Bonus Modules

Channeling for Deep Connection

Defense Against the Dark Arts

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