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Subtle Sensory System

Learn your intuitive strengths


Stay tuned for more dates
coming soon!

2 hour workshop


Saturday, Feb 25th, 2023

11:00 am - 1:00 pm MST
1:00 pm - 3:00
pm EST

Live via Zoom
a recording will be sent out if you
can't make it live

15 Seats Available

After your reserve your seat, I will
email you
with further details.


Each one of us is born with with a keen sensory system, but over time, most of us begin to ignore the subtle cues our body is designed to give us. When we tune back into the Subtle Sensory System, we can connect deeper into the present moment and find connection with all things.

Each subtle sense, is how we can receive guidance from our animals, spirit guides or our higher selves. 

What we will explore together

  • The Top 7 Subtle Senses

  • Exercises to help you identify your strongest sense

  • Trusting what you get

  • Application in your everyday life including communicating with earth and animals


Hi friend, I'm Kara!

I connect with the consciousness of Earth and Spirit and it is my goal to help YOU do it too, in the most down to earth way.

I will help you deepen your physical and spiritual relationship with animals, nature, the unseen realms, and so much more. 

I approach life through a holistic lens, blending ancient practices with modern sciences, merging the physical with the mystical. This combination creates balanced and harmonious healing and deep connection with all living things. 

To learn more about my journey, wander this way ->

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