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Soul Sessions Via Transcript

Plus a free follow up call to go over your session in detail with your pet

through a live communication

Soul Sessions are where we dig deep and have an opportunity to bring forward the most intricate layers of your animals’ soul. As a conscious channel, I am able to have full conversations with your pet in length and through automatic writing, record every word for those in a physical body and those in Spirit.

Session Details and Options: 

5 Question Session $190

  • During a 5 Question Session, you can ask your companion up to 5 questions and receive detailed responses from them via transcript

  • In addition to your questions, I always have your pet introduce themselves so you know I'm communicating with them and let them say whatever is on their mind

  • 1 Pet per session unless otherwise discussed

  • For those in physical bodies and in Spirit (Forget-Me-Not)

  • Those in physical bodies will receive a body scan for pain and discomfort

  • Receive a transcript of your messages to keep, read and re-read forevermore (on average, 4-7 pages depending on how chatty your pet is)

  • FREE 15 minute follow up call to go over your session in depth and ask your pet further questions on the spot

2 Question Session $125

  • Only for animals I have previously connected with

  • Designed to be a quick check-in or follow-up with your companion

Add-On Option:

Distance Energy Healing $125

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Please Note: You will receive your session on the day you schedule your session but not the exact time you select your appointment.

Currently Not Offering Animal Communication Sessions

More Information
By communicating in this way, we can bring forth the most mystical, spiritual and practical information possible to help you connect with your animal on the deepest level, while simultaneously respecting them on their soul journey. This is where deep healing for you and your pet can occur.



Physical Form

Soul Session

These sessions are best suited for:

Understanding where your pet is coming from emotionally, physically and spiritually from the higher perspective point of view.

Areas for Exploration can Include...

  • Behavioral Concerns

  • Dynamics within the Family

  • Body Scans and Health Issues

  • ​Soul Missions, Lessons & Contracts

  • Past Lives and Past Life Trauma Carried into this Lifetime

  • ​​​Soul Retrievals and Past Life Regressions for Deep Healing

  • Getting to know your Pet on a Spiritual Level

  • Current Life Trauma and Healing

  • Karmic Relationships

Please Note: You will receive your session on the day you schedule your sessionnot the exact time you select your appointment.

Image by Daniel Bonilla
Forget me not.JPG


Soul Session

for Those in Spirit

By continuing your relationship with those in spirit, you can level up spiritually, receive profound advice and guidance, as well as learn about your pet's explorations in the afterlife. Working with your pet after they transition, will open your heart, imagination and help you understand what the afterlife is really like.

These sessions are best suited for:

Learning about the afterlife, connecting on a soul level, receiving heartfelt and beautiful messages from your loved ones

Areas for Exploration Can Include...

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of why and how they died from a “bigger picture” perspective

  • Receive love notes from your pet in Spirit

  • ​Reincarnation and reincarnation status

  • ​Understanding their past lives with you

  • Ask where their soul comes from

  • Receiving life guidance and insight

  • Continuing the relationship which is the best part! Just because they transitioned out of body, does not mean it has to be the end of your relationship. Get to know them as they embark on their soul journey in the afterlife. Furthering your spiritual connection with them and yourself.

Please Note: You will receive your session on the day you schedule your sessionnot the exact time you select your appointment.

Image by Kyle Gregory Devaras
What People Are Chirping About
"Kara brought me so much peace through connecting with my beautiful Dunbar who has recently passed over. She was able to provide me the answers I was seeking, and even brought through messages from another former pet who had been Dunbar's guide in this lifetime. I was given the special opportunity to hear from both of my beloved dogs and it truly gave me a sense of peace and deeply touched my heart."

Is there a difference between an animal in physical form and an animal in Spirit?


Watch the video here or read the blog post to find out (coming soon)

Did you know...

That some animals will become their pet parents spirit guide after they transition?

That animals can reincarnate into different realms?

That animals get to "test drive" potential bodies before they reincarnate to make sure it's a good fit?

That our animals, upon departure from their physical body can absorb negative energies from the Earth to help Gaia heal?

I didn't either, until I began asking the questions...

By connecting with your animals in the afterlife and continuing your relationship, you can open up to the soul's journey in the afterlife, which can be quite spectacular and offer a very deep understanding of

their very being

These sessions are unique and vary considerably for those in Spirit depending on what your animal is up to, so expect the unexpected!

​Please wait a minimum of one month before connecting with your pet after they have transitioned. This is important!

Why? Because the soul itself needs time to heal after living on Earth for a duration of time. While it is possible to connect with the most recent physical version the pet, in order to connect on the higher planes of existence, healing of the soul must ensue for proper connection. To find out more about this, please take a look here: How a soul heals on the Otherside and why it is important that they do (coming soon).

Grief and disbelief can actually block messages from coming through. 

As described by several animals in Spirit, the emotions we have while we grieve are strong, dense and hard for Spirit to get through, so they aren't able to communicate everything they wish to communicate until we begin the healing process.


Our animals need time to re-adjust to their new energetic body and to re-charge.


While some animals are ready to connect right away, some aren't. It takes time for their new energetic body form to heal from the life they just had, and then to re-charge. For them to come through right after transitioning is asking a lot from them.


After two weeks, an animal is usually ready to have a session where we can get you the connection and answers you need while still respecting their energy however, if I feel like it's too soon or your animal specifically asks for more time, then out of complete respect for them, I will wait to conduct the session until they are ready. This does not happen often, but it does on occasion.

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