Sometimes our friends get lost by accident or intentionally. Either way, time is of the essence.


I suggest first purchasing the Iniial Check-In session to gauge the whereabouts of your pet and whether or not they are still in physical form. If we determine they are in physical form, then the package might of interest.


The information received during your session will be pieces to a puzzle that you may have to put together. Messages may include images, feelings, and their physical well-being.

Multiple sessions may be needed as animals usually change their location.

There are no guarantees that we will find your lost pet as sometimes no matter what we do they are not meant to be found.

Lost and Found

  • Single Check-In Session Includes:

    • I will assess whether or not your companion is still in physical form or if they may have transitioned

    • If I believe your pet is still in form, I will assess the situation, conduct one map dowsing search, and ask your pet to provide clues to their whereabouts

    Package Includes:

    • 3 Check-in sessions

    • 3 Map dowsing searches over a span of a few of days

    • One energy session