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Earth Consciousness Healing: Land and Home  is a unique blend of ancient and current methods used to heal and rejuvenate the lands, hearts and homes for all of those who live on this planet.

By utilizing ancient practices of our ancestors, directly communicating with the Guardians the Lands, and working in partnership with all living beings, together, we can create harmony and healing on the land, and create a better world for all.


What to Expect:


Full Land + Home Clearing:


A land and home reading to evaluate the following:


  1. What trauma is held in the land and home
  2. The energy held within the physical house or buildings that could be detrimental to your health
  3. Power spots for healing and/or meditation 
  4. What nature beings reside on the property and their intentions
  5. Each land and home assessment is different depending on the healing needs of the land, home and people residing there
  6. If the property is larger, or part of a larger landscape, the guardians of the land may step forward and give direct insight in which case, I will share their specific messages with you
  7. Each session is fluid and unique. I will have you set your intentions and overarching goals to help direct the flow and overall outcome of the reading
  8. If I pick up any negative energies that need healing, I will conduct an energetic cleanse at a distance,  however, it is also understood that you will be a particpant in the healing as well to help foster your connection with your land, your  home and the spirit of place.


You will receive the following:


  1. A detailed write-up and map of what was found during your reading
  2. Channeled messages from the animals, spirits or guardians of the land that wish to coordinate and build a relationship
  3. Recommended healing methods for you to conduct
  4. A follow up call to go over your property reading in depth


Quick Clear + Follow-Up:


  • The Quick Clear + Follow-Up clearings are for single situations for example, if you have an entity dwelling inside your space that you wish to have cleared without a full land reading, then this is for you.
  • If you are interested in a follow up of a full land reading to check-in, it must be scheduled within 4 weeks of the origional reading.



Earth Consciousness Healing: Land & Home

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