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Peaceful Transitions
How to support yourself and your companion animal through the end of life phase

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Dog Funeral

One of the hardest decisions you will have to make as an animal guardian, is how and when to let your beloved animals transition out of their physical body.


This workshop is designed to give you actionable ideas to help your entire family move through the end of life phase with your animals.

Through personal experiences and countless sessions helping clients, I have compiled what I have learned about the end of life phase, what the animals want you to know, and what you can do when grief strikes.  

What We Will Explore Together

  • Signs your animal is getting ready to transition

  • What you can do beforehand to reduce stress for yourself and your animal

  • Ways you can support them gently and naturally

  • Knowing when "it's time"

  • How to navigate shock if it's a sudden decision/sudden death

  • What the animals say about death, dying and what happens to their body

  • What the animals want you to know once they've left their body

  • Recognizing signs and symbols from the afterlife and important things to know

  • How to navigate grief naturally and holistically

  • The different cycles of grief and what you can expect

This Workshop Is For...


  • Anyone that has an animal they care for

  • Anyone that has a friend or knows someone with animals so they can be in support when needed

  • Anyone that has not ever experienced this part of the relationship and might not know what expect or how best to plan ahead

  • Anyone that might be interested in learning about what the animals think of death and dying from an animal communicators point of view and experience

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A note from your host

Over the years, I have had to say my goodbyes to many, many animals. The loss of my dog and then my horse in a six month time period is the reason I got into animal communication to begin with and one of the things I'm most passionate about is supporting others through this delicate time.


Do the goodbyes ever get better? No, and grief can present itself in many different ways which can be confusing and make things worse. 

This workshop is a compilation of what I have learned from personal experiences, grief workshops, assisting pet parents and animals, and gaining an understanding how best we can support ourselves and our loved ones through the end of life.


Many people don't understand the acute pain one can endure when they lose a loved one, especially if it's "just a dog" or "just a hamster". Well, your dog isn't just a dog and the support for pet loss I find, is lacking.


So I invite you into this space, to learn more about the transitional phase and how best we can all support each other.

With love, 


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