Peaceful Transitions


Written Session:  


2 Questions $75


5 Questions $150

Ask your companions anything you want and receive a written transcript with their response.

Peaceful Package:  $290

Valued at $334

  • One 5 Question Session

  • Two 2 Question Sessions

  • One Energy Session

  • Forget-Me-Not Session Discount


​*Sessions are priced for one pet*

More Information

One of the hardest decisions you will have to make, is how and when to let your beloved animals go.

Together let's find out what your animal needs during this sacred time and honor your friends. They will give you the answers you are searching for and let you know their final wishes.


Peaceful Package

The package deal is designed for those who wish to communicate with their companions multiple times throughout their final stages whether that be multiple times over a span of several months or over a span of a few weeks. We start with a 5 question session to give you the answers you need and follow-up with the

2 question sessions as check-ins to help gauge where your companion is at physically and emotionally.

The sessions can be utilized however, whenever you need during the final stages of their physical life. 

If this is time sensitive, or an emergency be sure to tell me on the booking form. I will be in touch as soon as I can usually within 24 hours or e-mail me directly with a picture attached, their name, age, if they are male or female and the questions you'd like answered.

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Services are not designed to cure, diagnose or act as a substitute for veterinary care.

Please consult a veterinarian for medical concerns.

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