Nature Infused Energy Healing


Initial Session:  $54.00

Session Includes:

  • A body scan will be performed to identify areas to target

  • Healing energy directed at specific locations on the body guided by the pet

  • I will go through their chakras and identify which ones are stagnant and/or blocked

  • Clear their chakras

  • A detailed write-up of what I find

Follow Up Session:​ $34.00

Session Includes :

  • A body scan

  • Healing energy directed at specific locations on the body guided by the pet

  • A detailed write-up of what I find

Add on to a Communication Session: $34.00

  • A body scan

  • Healing energy directed at specific locations on the body guided by the pet

  • Chakra clearing

  • A detailed write-up of what comes through and of what I find

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More Information

I work directly with your pet, Mother Earth, and nature's elements to identify where your animal is blocked or off balance emotionally and physically. Together, we can identify and release anxiety, tension, insecurities, reduce pain and restore balance and harmony within the body and mind.


The session is guided by your pet. Your pet will tell me where they want the energy, how much they want and when they are ready to finish.

​​Recommended for:

  • Senior animals

  • Animals in pain

  • Those with anxiety

  • Rescue pets

  • End-of-Life

  • Pre and post surgery

​Energy work can:

  • Identify and release the stagnant energy in the body

  • Release past traumas

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Decrease pain (excellent for animals with arthritis or injury)

How Does A Session Work?

I connect with your pet in person or by distance, ask them for permission to connect and once I get the OK, I let your pet and nature's elements guide the session.

Steps Taken:

Step One:

I start the session off with a body scan and a chakra (energy centers) analysis. Once I identify which chakras are blocked or off balance, I perform a clearing to re-balance them.

Step Two:

I call in the elements (Earth, air, fire, and water), the directions (North, East, South and West), the wild animals and any other natural element that wants to assist with a session in.


Step Three:

I conduct a body scan to determine where the energy may need to be directed on the pet while chatting with the pet to see how they feel and ask them what they want.

Step Four:

I act as a conduit for the energy to flow through me and into your pet.

Step Five:

Once the energy session comes to an end, I write up a detailed summary of what I found, any messages that came through, what elements I used and any other pertinent information to pass on to you.

​​The energy being offered comes directly from the Earth and her elements so no harm can be done to the animal that is receiving the healing.

What Can Come Through During A Session?

Depending on the animal and it's own unique situation, anything can come through.  A few examples include: messages from your pet or messages from any or all of the elements or wild animals that come to assist.

Examples Of Who and What Can Come In During A Session:

I find that wind, fire and Earth energy come to me the most.

At times, bear, dragonfly and whale come to assist.

Each element and animal provide their own unique energy, healing benefits and messages. 

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